Physical Education Training Program

 Physical Education Training Program Dissertation

Week. 5 overview:




Thurs night




Swimming –6-7am

Prac – 11G, seventy five min

Prac – 12A, 75min

Beep test

Skipping – 5min

Skipping – 5min

Skipping – 5min

Skipping – 5min

Skipping – 5min




Training session No . ONE

Date: 1 . 8. doze (Wednesday)

Time: 6-7am (1 hour)

Area: Aquarena Marine Centre

Weight: 64kg

Treatment Goal:

To increase health and LME

Start off Description

Continuous going swimming 400m – choice – 40%

Continuous going swimming 200m – freestyle

Continuous going swimming 200m – breaststroke

Training Method(s)


Warm-Down Description

Adult Unsecured personal:

Continuous swimming 1500m – choice – 74%

Constant swimming 700m – freestyle

Constant swimming 200m – breaststroke

Constant swimming 400m – freestyle

Constant swimming 200m – breaststroke

Swimming 100m – freestyle – 40%

100m – run, swim, polo, get – forty percent

Recovery Reflections:



Weight: 64kg

Fatigue: 7/10

Heart Rate: not measured

Muscle Soreness:

Build-up of lactate acid and hydrogen ions was significant around thirty five minutes into the session, nevertheless long-term fatigue was not tremendously felt. General Session Pleasure: 4. 5/10

Level of fitness is a little bit lower than My spouse and i predicted, but is not significantly so , on reflection I think I possibly could have worked harder than I did so, and will probably add some drills in subsequent session.

Training session No . One. five

Date: 3. almost eight. 12 (Fri)Time: 8–9am (1 hr)

Venue: University – DSC – Rugby courts

Weight: 64kg

Treatment Goal:

Get some standard physical activity through a game of Lacrosse and acquire a few additional skills.

Warm-Up Description

Pass ball to and fro among partner and self -- 45%

10 successful catches/throws, at 10m, 20, and 30m – 45%

Training Method(s)

Adult Personal:

Game of Lacrosse: 30 - 40 a few minutes – 60 per cent

Restoration Reflections:



Fatigue: 4/10 Heart Rate: not really measured. Muscle Soreness: in no way, leftover pain from past training session, not any added pain from this a single. Overall Session Satisfaction: five /10 My personal catching expertise weren't quite adequate, although I was quite decent by throwing, through the entire game; We mostly remained in a protection position, and thus was not running a whole lot.

Training session Number TWO

Date: three or more. 8. 12 (Friday)

Time: 9 – twelve. 15 (75 minutes)

Venue: College – DSC – oblong and weight load room.

Weight: 64kg

Period Goal:

Improve my personal endurance (aerobic capacity) applying continuous training, combination of continuous running and a small core workout to be able to strengthen this important location which will thus help to improve the transfer of power between lower and upper physique (and vice versa) and also to decrease the risk of injury.

Warm-Up Explanation

Quick 10 tiny walk - 55%

Dynamic Exercises (10-20 secs each):

Leg shots (back and forth), Lower-leg swings (side to side)

Provide swings, Pike stretch

Training Method(s)


Warm-Down Description

Adult Unsecured personal:

Constant 40 minute jog 73% mhr

Core workout:

Crunches 2 sets, 30 representatives

10 push ups

Oblique twists 2 sets, 20 representatives

twelve sit ups

Oblique provide lifts 40 reps

60 seconds marching on area

Static stretch schedule (hold to get 20 seconds):

Adjustable rate mortgage stretch throughout chest

Triceps' stretch

Single leg cripple stretch

Standing quadriceps

Lying calf stretch

The things i actually would:

being unfaithful. 30 – 10. 05 Continuous 35 minute trot

15. 05 – 10. 12

five minutes skipping

10. 10 – 12. 05

Stretching and filling out of form (this one).

Not a total 75 moments.

Recovery Reflections:...