place of female in a society

 place of female in a world Essay


" God live where females are respected” - Manusmriti

There are two main support beams of man life-man and woman. Equally share the same responsibility inside the making of society thus both are product to each other. Although from the very beginning, there has been a large question mark around the status of ladies in our world. All talk of their role and responsibility yet none take care of their placement. They have been used and ill-treated right from the beginning of the creation.

But the reality is something else. Women have been set behind wall surfaces from age ranges. Sati Pratha is the unhealthy truth which usually shows to what extent the women people have been exploited. Child matrimony and a contemptuous frame of mind towards the widows are other examples of woman-exploitation. Cisura Ram Mohan Roy was your first who also raised tone of voice against these types of unhealthy systems prevalent in Indian contemporary society. He took up the cause of the women and performed hard to abolish 'Sati Pratha. ' It was because of his brave work that Indian women dared to recover from Purdah. They will got education which supplied them opportunities to develop themselves at all levels. And in due course they surpassed the boys. Today we come across women in every field. They can be marching glenohumeral joint to make in every area of life.

Apart from instructing school children, females are now aviators, receptionists, cops, doctors, designers etc . The elevation inside the status with the women at times creates misunderstandings among us that Sita and Draupadi have born inside the

The prior condition was due to the insufficient education nevertheless the spread of education among women offers same region. completely transformed the circumstance. They are occupying key positions in almost every field of society. Our region is moving on in this way no doubt. But sometimes it appears that over­exposure of women is a taking once life attack to get our foreseeable future.

On the one hand...