Query and Answer: Networking

 Question and Answer: Social networking Essay

1. What network topology has the natural weakness of your single stage of inability The Legend physical network


2 . Define " networking standard"

The details of what a networking topology will and how it can it 

3. " De facto standards"

No particular standards, they are established as a matter of practice 

4. About how precisely many octet are in a kilobyte (KB)

1000 octet


a few. Convert to decimal " 00101011"



6. A single hexadecimal digit is equivalent to ______ binary digits 4


7. How are " Words Communications" converted to digital alerts By being damaged into small samples, and then binary principles are given to them 

almost 8. How are " video files compressed"

Taking a normal video and storing that in a more compact video record 

9. What part identifies the protocol being used




10. The internet core comprises of

Various separate networks, some tiny some large


14. What is designed to specifically manage computer peripheral devices Unit driver


12. Why is the TCP/IP model divided into layers

To really succeed to understand how networks operate, write protocols for systems, and to create standards pertaining to networks 

13. Exactly why is the TCP/IP considered an " open" network model

It is not held by virtually any specific business and shares details of just how it works using 

16. The function of a Routers in network is to

Move data between separate LAN's, often simply by linking those to WAN lines in a network 

12-15. What is " Encapsulation"

A method to address data to cross over any type of network link 

16. In TCP/IP networks, each gadgets needs nor an _________or an __________ to be able to send or recevie data. This really is handled merely by the NIC Card Internet protocol address


17. The address 192. 168. 12. 10 can be an example of

An IP Address


18. Specify The Physical Layer of TCP/IP style

Anything that can be used to transfer bits over a single physical connection 

19. What is the benefit of getting the...