Problems and Advantages of Science and Technology

 Hazards and Benefits of Technology and Technology Research Conventional paper

Walking down a busy street you can see the consequences of science and technology at every glace you take. The in the shoes that you are wearing, the cellular phone that you are using to stay in touch with your family and friends, its in the breakfast sandwich and yogurt parfait that was just ordered coming from McDonalds, its in the headers of the reports papers that read? Trash can Laden Captured Alive?, as well as even in the air that we inhale as a community bus hard disks past all of us. It is very obvious that research and technology affect our lives every day and a lot of the time we could not even aware about it. For most people, they do not also know that technology and technology are having this sort of a serious effect on their very own everyday lives. While I perform believe that research and technology are very vital to our day-to-day lives, I think that there are a lot of areas where the advancements are generally not always important.

? Scientists possess inserted `antifreeze? protein genetics from flounder into the innate code of tomatoes to safeguard the fruit from frost destruction? (Rifkin 290). To me this kind of small section that riots on regarding the likely dangers of genetically altering plant life to make them more immune to natural elements is enough to create me problem what exactly is being done to these plant life. I do declare that I would have earlier knowledge of the fact that crops have been modified but I did not know as to the extent that the was happening. I think that it must be very unsettling to think that? Chinese hamster genes have been inserted in to the genome of tobacco plant life to increase sterol production? (Rifkin 291) or perhaps that? chicken breast genes have been completely inserted in to potatoes to enhance disease resistance? (Rifkin 291). In light with this new information I know the fact that next time i go to eat a baked spud, I will most likely be taking into consideration the chicken genetics that have been driven into it.

I do believe that genetically altering plant life is a bad idea due to repercussions that can possibly happen do to the altering....

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