Procedure Recording

 Process Saving Essay

Pupil: Kyle Bundas


| Possible Points| Real Points

We. Setting

Describe setting| 2|

II. Interaction

Record interactions (6 interactions)Describe nonverbal behavior of patientDescribe nonverbal behavior of student| 1233| | 3. Interpretation

Relate person's perceived feelingsRelate student's thoughts & feelingsExplain identified dealing methods or perhaps defense mechanisms related to patient behaviors| 884| | IV. Critique & Reason

Identify technique and rationale usedIdentify one or more obstructs and give a good example of a more therapeutic response| 155| | Sixth is v. Summary

Identify most significant individual themeEvaluate pupil nurse's mental responseDetermine patient's level of advancement according to EriksonExplain patient's level of want according to MaslowCompare patient's perception of needs to the nurse's understanding of the person's needs| 52224| | Up to 10% could possibly be deducted to get spelling, grammar, legibility and neatness| | | Total Points| 75|

Comments| |


Connection can assist in the development of a therapeutic romance or act as a barrier to block their development. Prevents are any factors which may cause the nurse knowingly or without conscious thought to impede the sufferers expression. Restorative communication is always to help the affected person express thoughts and feelings so that his or her needs can be identified. The nurse should use the elements of the communication process and utilize particular skills or perhaps techniques. To do this, the nurse should have the ability, to perceive and communicate accurately and with sensitivity, the feelings of the sufferer and the that means of those feelings. Objectives:

To facilitate verbalization of the person's feelings

To explain accurately, non-verbal communication inside the nurse-patient interaction

To analyze the verbal and nonverbal data

To identify approaches of restorative communication

To identify blocks to communication


The student is going to describe the setting prior to recording dialogue with the patient. The dialogue will be extended enough to realise a basis intended for analysis of the interaction. Six (6) connections are required. The conversation ought to reflect the objective of development of a therapeutic romantic relationship.

The process recording will include the subsequent five sections: SettingPatient age and analysis. Do not make use of patient term. Use inventeur only. Summary and description of the sufferer and surrounding environment

InteractionRecord therapeutic connection that helps verbalization in the patient's thoughts so that requirements can be indicated Describe the patient's non-verbal behavior, the nurse's nonverbal behavior (tone of voice, body movements, eye contact)

InterpretationIdentify the perceived feelings of the sufferer (fear, anxiety, loss of control, anger, etc . )

Identify the nurse's thoughts and feelings

Explain the patient's use of coping methods/defense mechanisms to observed actions

Identify kind of coping system used

Critique and Identify the way (technique) and give the rationale due to its use RationaleIdentify one or more prevents and spin what needs to have been explained

SummaryIdentify the theme most significant to the patient

Evaluate personal emotional respond to the patient connection Determine success of Erikson's developmental activity in terms of implication for the behaviour being provided

Explain by what standard of Maslow's structure the patient is definitely behaviorally operating.

Compare the patient's understanding of must the patient needs you have identified.


BENEFICIAL INTERACTION| INTERPRETATION| CRITIQUE AND RATIONALE| Patient verbalStudent verbal| Patient nonverbalStudent non-verbal | Patient perceived feelingsPatient coping method orDefense mechanismType of method usedStudent thoughtsStudent feelings...