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XAT MAKING DECISIONS Question 08 - 2012

Questions one particular to 4: Read the following situations and

choose the best possible alternative.

1 .

Seema was obviously a finance manager in an MNC and

sensed that male or female discrimination at the workplace

affected her career growth. Irritated, she give up

the job and started a business. While starting her

business, Seema decided that she'd have

equal proportion of males and females. Within the

next six years, Seema emerged like a very

effective entrepreneur and expanded her

business to eight locations in the country.

However , Seema just lately started facing an ethical

dilemma since she noticed that female

personnel were not happy to travel throughout cities

and work late several hours, as the job required these to

do. Men employees did not hesitate executing

such work. Seema did start to feel the pressure of

reducing the percentage of girl employees. In

the furthermore, she is which equal

manifestation was one of many strongest reasons

for her to obtain founded the business. What should

she perform as a conscientious female businessperson?

A. Find out if unwilling girl employees could possibly be

given assignments which do not require travel

and involve significantly less overtime.

W. Reduce the number of female workers, as

it is a business requirement. She should not let

nearly anything affect her business.

C. Let the status quo continue.

D. Henceforth hire only man employees.

Electronic. She ought to close the organization.


2 .

You, a recruitment supervisor, are selecting

Mayank, a hard- working young man, who may have

problems in speaking fluent English. He has

examined in vernacular medium universities and

universities. Amongst the following options, what

would you decide on, if your firm has


A. I would hire him at all costs.

W. I would retain the services of him for the job he can good at, and

provide training in other areas.

C. I would retain the services of him pertaining to production or finance work

but not intended for marketing task, which needs good

conversation skills.

D. I would inquire him to enhance his connection

skills and come back again.

XAT Making decisions Questions

08 - 2012

E. I would not work with him when he might be an encumbrance

on business because of his poor

conversation skills.



Metropolis of Nagar has a human population of 15 million,

a couple of millions among whom will be rich, three or more million poor

and your five million are part of the middle class.

Saundarya Cosmetics manufactured and sold

splendor product for the rich course at reduced

price. Usana products were versus ery liked by

customers. Various people from your middle and poor

sections of the populace aspired to buy these

goods but could not afford due to high

rates. Of late, product sales growth has been stagnating

inside the rich segment. Which of the following is the

best option intended for Saundarya Cosmetics to maximize

long-term profits?

A. Sell similar products by lower prices to middle

and poor classes.

B. Sell similar items, of different quality

standards with different brand names, to middle

classes and poor classes.

C. Sell its products under distinct brand names

to middle and poor classes.

D. Carry on and target wealthy only and hope that

today's middle class would be tomorrow's abundant


At the. Target central class since it is the largest part

and ignore the rich.


A databases software production company

discovered that a merchandise it has released recently

had a few insects. The product has already been

bought by simply more than a , 000, 000 customers. The

company realized that bugs could cost their

customers considerably. However , if this informs the

customers about the insect, it terrifying losing

credibility. What is the most ethical option

to get the company?

A. Apologize and fix up the bug for any customers

whether or not it has to get losses.

M. Do not tell customers about bugs and remove

only when customers face problems, even if it

means losses intended for the customers.

C. Keep silent and do nothing.

D. Continue to keep silent yet introduce and improved merchandise