ProjectP 1

 ProjectP one particular Essay

 Jorge E. Head of the family Mr. Liedtke


Project Part one particular: Identify E-Business and Ecommerce Web Software for organized Transformation

To: UNFO Elderly Management

By: (IT) World wide web Specialist

Modifying a brick-and-mortar business to an e organization is rather than an easy job. The first step in creating an elektronische geschaftsabwicklung is to carry out a market exploration on the competition we need to collect information just like shipping costs, price factors, web nav shopping cart techniques, and different revenue channels. The next step should be to create a thorough business plan with sales projections, budgets, desired goals, and actions. The third step is creating a Domain name that reflects your business for example: UNFO. com/ UNFO. ORG. After this step we certainly have clearly determined the target industry in the distinct fishing villages in Michigan, then an advertising budgets for online approaches, we also need to establish several distribution channels of the goods if delivery is required. In that case we UNFO need to determine if the company will probably sell goods or services or marketing. One of the most important aspect of the customer information that will be deal with would be Info Management, since we are handling customer info, such as bank cards information, sending addresses, it is essential to have a broadcast policy detailing how the data would be collected, stored, and secured. A proper effective come back policy would be clearly explained and recognized by the customers. The additional important aspect is usually weather the data will be up-to-date and taken care of in-house or outsource support. At last we all will need to apply a Customer Support department and determine the methods for on the web customer service. Analyzing the market plus the recent rising technologies it could be recommended to implement a fully integrated ERP, UNFO may have a distinct benefit an internal transaction engine in place to deliver for the promises from the...