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 rain of gold Composition

In " Rain of Gold” can be described as detailed great three decades of two families that have adventures and struggles defeating many hurdles such as low income, violence and discrimination. In the beginning caught up in the Mexican trend of 1910. Tracing all their migration to the United States and the difficulties they will faced, that portrays an exact picture of life in Mexico in the early 1900's and in the coastal part of California during the time of prohibition through the 1930's.. Socially Espirito lived in poverty that he required some money intended for his people he had a lot of sweet drinking water that he had gotten through the Rio Urique River to look and sell it to Put on Carlos store because we were holding poor and wanted some money for their persons. So in that case he offered Don Carlos some rare metal nuggets that were worth a lot of money so he started trading the stones for food and clothing after don Carlos saw simply how much he was producing then later, selection an offer to espirito to offer him fault the early spring but the early spring was from the people who put it to use. Politically don Carlos sold the riv because he cannot get more precious metal because he and espirito they will made a contract saying that add Carlos can only get the gold through the top part from the canyon high cliff and not to dig any kind of part around the river. Thus after a year or two he understood that the best thing to do was to promote the gosier cliff to someone else. Put on Carlos distributed the gosier cliff to Bernardo Garcia he was a rancher that had zero fear to no one or perhaps anything, he decided to burrow into the lake to get more gold out of it, gone he understood that this individual wasn't obtaining gold ever again he offered the encolure cliff to the American miner's company. Anything around canyon cliff began to disappear by constructing huge buildings, roads after the organization prospered in 1910. Economically espirito people was really damaged when they got kicked out of your canyon cliff because the funds they were rendering it was for the American mining.

Socially Lupe Gomez had to act on...

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