Ransom: Family and Lois griffin Duncan Environment

 Ransom: Family and Lois Duncan Setting Dissertation

Ransom Written by Lois Duncan

Setting: The story takes place in New Mexico

Time: The story occurs during the winter season.

Character types: Buck is among the three those who are kidnapping your children. He is reinforced easily. He doesn't really care for others much. Rita is Buck's wife. She's not very pretty and gets drug in to schemes by Buck. She feels he will leave her if the lady doesn't stick to directions. Juan is the various other kidnapper who more of the lick of work. He is the one who calls the parents for the money. She has the one who shot the bus driver. Glenn is among the boys who had been kidnapped. She has very popular and has good friends and feels that no one dislikes him. He's handsome and very athletic. Glenn's close friend Bruce is into more technology stuff. He is not so handsome and appears up to his brother a lot. He is bodily challenged mainly because his body is underdeveloped. Dexter doesn't have a mother or father. This individual lives together with his bachelor dad who's constantly away on business outings. He is loved fairly very well. He is happy with his existence. Jesse is definitely new to everyone. She movements around the world quite a lot. She's very mature when compared to others. Marianne has two brothers. Her parents are single and her mother remarried another guy. She feels that her real dad still enjoys her and may rescue her and will not care very much for her fresh father.

Conflict: The group's problem is that they will be being organised ransom and so they don't know if they'll at any time be preserved....

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... held the gun to Rita. Rita suddenly started screaming in Spanish requesting where Dollar was. They told her he was dead and ordered her to put her hands above her head. He passed the weapon to Glenn motioning him to stay right here and watch both the as he opted for the police and took the others.

Evaluation: I believed the publication was very exciting and suspenseful like her other books. The book had very good detail and an interesting plot. I liked the...