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 Notes upon Product Release Essay

Item Release Notes: NComputing vSpace® Machine 6. 6th. 2 . several for L-series, M-series and vSpace Client Product: NComputing vSpace Hardware for L-series and M-series devices and vSpace Consumer Version: six. 6. installment payments on your 3 This release helps 64-bit variations of Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 R2 SP1, House windows MultiPoint Server® 2011 (WMS), and one user cases of Windows six SP1* (32- and 64-bit) Note: this release does NOT support some other earlier 64-bit or 32-bit Windows operating systems (e. g. it does NOT support Server 2008 64bit or Server 08 32-bit) This kind of vSpace software can be designed to deliver a Windows six end-user experience through vSpace virtual desktops running in Windows Storage space 2008 R2 SP1, Home windows Multipoint Machine 2011, and single consumer instances of Home windows 7*. (For licensing specifics, see )

Reinforced Hardware: NComputing L300, L230, L130 and M300 as well as devices jogging NComputing vSpace Client. These kinds of notes include important information, please read this whole document just before installing or perhaps upgrading.

Precisely New:

This kind of release supercedes the previous vSpace L-6. your five. 1 . 15 release and adds support for the newest M300 computer's desktop virtualization products and vSpace Client. In addition, it implements a number of new vSpace capabilities, plus the following bullet items list key alterations. The portions that follow include important information in additional changes, notes intended for installation and known errata. Please browse ALL of these Specifications to ensure your deployment is just as smooth as is possible.

Key new features:

 Supports the new M300 desktop virtualization kits: the M300 packages include NComputing's new 3-in-1 client technology based on the Numo a couple of System-on-Chip. You should see the M300 section of each of our website to get complete merchandise details. Facilitates vSpace Customer: this is the 1st version of vSpace Server that completely supports the released variation of vSpace Client. Begin to see the vSpace Customer release notes for more details. Fresh vSpace Functionality Profiles: one of a kind performance single profiles can be configured for each in the device types that can

vSpace L-6. 6th. 2 . 3 Release Notes

February 23, 2012

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connect to this kind of vSpace Hardware version. These profiles impact the streaming functionality, bandwidth usage and other aspects of the computer system experience and can be customized to best fit specific deployment environment (e. g. high-speed LAN versus low-speed WAN networks). Pre-set users are included for each unit type.  New L300 and M300 firmware: vSpace Server 6th. 6. 2 . 3 includes new software for the two L-series equipment (FW type 1 . 6. 0) plus the new M300 devices (FW version 2 . 0. 2). You MUST keep track of L300s and M300s using their factory construction to use with this launch. Overall performance, stability, USB gadget enumeration and Management Gaming system improvements

Additional Improvements:

 vSpace Management Gaming system adds fresh " Devices” section to show M300 sets: The M300 kits happen to be shown since consisting of three client products; each with a unique unit name made by appending -1, -2, or -3 to the name (admin changeable) stored inside the M300 large client. (The large client has devicename-1) And as previously implemented to get L300's, the " Version” column exhibits which software revision is installed on every single M300 system, and virtually any " out of date” firmware is usually indicated simply by displaying the version amount in REDDISH.

vSpace L-6. 6. installment payments on your 3 Specifications

February 23, 2012

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Combined L-series/M-series System Options: Update of L300 firmware required: Numerous vSpace program settings connect with both L-series and M300 devices, and these are now grouped together under a one tab in the vSpace Supervision Console. (Note: the Video Top quality slider establishing is now overridden by the adjustments in the Efficiency Profiles)

Performance Profiles tab: This vSpace variation introduces the concept of performance users for each kind of supported Ethernet access device and the vSpace Client. All the three device/client...