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I remember initially arriving in Haiti. The blast of heat stepping from the plane, cramming onto a mini college bus, and staring your windows with the outskirts of Cap Haitian and the country road to Milot. " I'm in Haiti…, ” I held telling myself, trying to absorb all that I had been seeing. The landscape, just how people live here, the norms of this culture were so different from anything I had seen before. We went the pavements of Milot that initial day and I strongly remember the unpleasant feeling of almost all eyes about us, the trash as well as the pigs inside the rivers, as well as the children crying, " Blan! Blan! ” as we strolled past. Really funny what goes on after you've been in a place for quite some time.   It ceases to be frequently foreign and overwhelming. We no longer observe only hangdog poverty out the windows or perhaps while all of us walk through villages. I notice the particulars, walls painted bright blue, yellow, crimson, the cardiovascular design created out of brick that comprise the home windows of every home, the glowing red hibiscus flowers and cacti that form wall space around each family's parcel of land. When I walk through Milot now I expect people to stare, why would not they? My answer is " bonjou” to these people and smile, and get a " bonjou” and a smile back.   I look for the goat babies we spread our works, and was always encouraged by the mountains surrounding this little community. Haiti can be poor, yes, and I i am reminded of the every day, but there is much more now to that than that.  � I actually wrote the above mentioned two paragraphs in my weblog a little over the month into my vacation to Haiti come july 1st. They summarize my a sense of becoming a part of a place, just as much as an American medical student may become part of a little Haitian community in several weeks. I had a truly amazing, fulfilling, and personally improving experience. My first learning objective was, " to gain confidence in applying the clinical abilities I have discovered thus far, through working with sufferers every day. ” I became very cozy working with an interpreter, because this was in order to...