Riordan Production: New Program Proposal

 Riordan Production: New System Proposal Article


Fresh System Pitch

Skill Scott


December 13, 2014

Jennifer Gunter

Fresh System Proposal

Riordan Manufacturing is known as a global materials manufacturer using 550 individuals with projected annual earnings of $46 , 000, 000. The company is usually wholly owned or operated by Riordan Industries, a Fortune 1000 enterprise with income in excess of $1 billion. Its products incorporate plastic drink containers made at its plant in Albany, Georgia, custom made plastic parts produced in its plant in Pontiac, Michigan, and plastic-type fan parts produced in its facilities in Hangzhou, China. The company's r and d is done at the corporate head office in San Jose. Riordan's major customers are vehicle parts companies, aircraft companies, the Department of Protection, beverage creators and bottlers, and machine manufacturers. From this article you can see Riordan is known as a large organization with office buildings worldwide and communication and travel could be a major charge for the business especially when applying new lines and technology at one among their establishments. Future transactions made by Riordan, We will maintain a modern and crew oriented office. By ensuring that our personnel are well informed and correctly supported, all of us will provide a climate dedicated to the long term stability of our organization. We must become focused in achieving and maintaining sensible profitability to ensure that the financial and individual capital can be bought for endured growth. As Riordan goes forward using their mission statements the cost of applying new technology and training workers to operate and manage these new systems costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. You’re able to send most recent growth took place in 2014 in order to opened the operations in China. In those days, the entire fan manufacturing procedure was transferred from Michigan to China and tiawan and the Pontiac, MI center was retooled for the manufacture of custom plastic parts. During the first quarter of the growth travel costs alone exclusively for the training from the ongoing devices integration task surpassed 100 thousand us dollars. We know that Riordan will always be within the forefront of applying new technology and devices to keep up with industry trends later on. This is why applying the creation, deployment, and support of effective interactive distance learning and communication systems to improve organization, is crucial to the ongoing achievement of the firm. The GENIEVRE system will reduce thousands of dollars of travel and leisure expenses directly related to the training required with each fresh system whatsoever of the industry’s facilities.

Developing a distance learning system that will allow Riordan to supply effective training through teleconferencing from their hq in San Jose FLORIDA to facilities all over the world will reduce expenditures by huge amount of money over the long term.

The advantages of Training and Communication

The cornerstone of your competitive corporation is the highly trained labor force. In today's market, item life-cycles happen to be shorter, more advanced. The available time for teaching is reduced. Many companies will be downsizing as well as the responsibilities of the ones that remain happen to be increased, jobs are consolidated. В Corporate and business communication and training demands have never been more important... Time becomes probably the most limited solutions. В Regardless of the industry, several of these issues are very much the same: (Velocedge Inc, В 2014). High cost and increased problems of travel

Inability to get to all staff anywhere, whenever

High cost of training, continuing educationВ

Lack of certified instructorsВ or presenters

Time it takes to get a concept to all employees

Expensive to produce effective training and conversation programsВ Loss of productivity the moment employees lift off work for travel, training, or meetings Difficulty in transferring knowledge throughout the organization


The Communications And Distance Education (CADE) method is designed to...

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