Ordinary and Hiphop Does Not Have a Poor Influence on Teenagers

 Rock and Rap Has no Bad Effect on Teenagers Essay

Since the our childhood of guys existence music has always been a medium through which man continues to be able to express himself. Music is mostly loved by everyone. When was your last period you have read someone declare, " We hate music. "? Recently though, music has been belittled for corrupting a teenager's mind. Hip hop is being blamed for criminal offenses and killers in metropolitan areas all over the world and heavy metal has been blamed pertaining to giving young adults only darker thoughts in their minds. Even though the media and public criticize rap and rock music and blame it intended for influencing young adults negatively, they actually give many teenagers an electrical outlet from their lifestyle problems.

Lately music is now an excuse for bad child-rearing. Parents love to blame artists like Snoop Dogg and Eminem to bands just like system of a down and Limp Bizkit for their children's problems. Prior to accusing performers perhaps the relatives background of the person doing the offense should be looked into. Most bad guys come from poor, torn, starving and dysfunctional families. When my friends and i hears words from Eminem, we do not step out and do what he says. Lyrics from Eminem and other related lyrics are for entertainment only. If perhaps people do whatever that they heard, then simply everybody would be evil and corrupted. I hear considerably worse words and phrases during school than over a rap project, and the phrases do not impact me or anybody different otherwise everyone in school would run around shooting persons and carrying out drugs.

Young kids are blamed constantly intended for crimes. In 1988, rapper Ice-T was beneath unnecessary pressure from the mass media because of a track he composed called, " Cop Killa". Once that song was released several authorities murderers had been reported to using said that that they killed the cops mainly because they were influenced by Ice-T's song. Yet is it Ice-T's fault for people crimes, or is it the fault of anybody committing these types of crimes up against the police. With that said, i have heard that particular song numerous occasions, why haven't I absent and murdered a police officer? Musician should...