Saatchi & Saatchi for Sagatiba

 Essay upon Saatchi  Saatchi for Sagatiba

Case Analysis: Saatchi & Saatchi:

Campaign for ‘Sagatiba'

MKT 337. a few

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Planting season ‘2014


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a. Framework of the plan: Sagatiba is definitely the specialized Cachaca of Brazil; a welcome addition to the liquor cabinets and its soft sweetness. The context from the campaign is Brazilian spirit in advertisings (landscape, people, music, foodstuff, etc . ) with the big icon ‘Cristo Redentor' so the European market and other global consumers could get the Brazilian pure flavour of Cachaca.

b. Customer behavior tackled: Party, alcohol, youth, colourful lifestyle, exotic fruits, and so forth are determinant of buyer but in the new way coming out from your mainstream. A bridge is made between the traditional Brazil and modern globe is made to match with the consumer behavior.

c. Goals of the marketing campaign: The goals of the plan are:

More modern and inspirational Brazil – that has a passion intended for life� For making it a globally recognized brand originated from Brazil It can be about offering Brazil, a brand new Brazil, a traditional Brazil

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a. The top Idea: The most important Brazilian icon is Cristo Redentor or Christ the Redeemerwas considered for the best idea. Dork and Richard from Saatchi & Saatchi planned to cast a genuine person who is similar to Jesus in look and posture (of the statue) but the in such scenarios that resembles joy, B razil good time, openly environment, smile and so forth

How creative team come to to the decision: The idea is definitely eye catching and would be comprehended globally. Therefore , creative staff decided to go for the big idea as the new idea is way better than the before idea. Right here, the person model is the leverage point of the Brand. Dork designed couple of new ads as beneath: The guy (model who resemble Cristo Redentor) sitting in taxi in Rio de Janeiro and a Sagatiba bottle in bottom-left. The guy in swimming pool and Sagatiba container.

The man in a audience.

The person in a within a room within a cool method with crucified posture.

n. Challenges while delivering their work: Client's expectation was very high because they spent 20 million European. Company desired no good, but a great campaign. They believed the earlier different phrase, " pure. Therefore you don't need to be” was limiting the scopes. Creative staff was working hard and found a fresh idea to present in harrassing. Everyone yet Lucas returned to Sao Paolo so that the agency were required to pitch simply by video conference meetings which was demanding. How they tackled the situation: Inside the first pitch the challenge was the idea alone. And as the British company was doing work for a B razil company for the first time they had a number of challenges during the first presentation such as: The understanding of culture

The views of customer

A great leverage point

And, the biggest problem Saatchi & Saatchi experienced during their second pitch was the absence of the personnel of Sagatiba (Client) which was altered with a video conference which is not a very good medium for a presentation.

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a. Relationship between client and agency:

Pertaining to an ad agency as a successful organization partner, it can be necessary that it genuinely act as an associate. While not most clients are comfortable dealing with this position, it is in fact the way that individuals work with nearly all our accounts in addition to working with new clients to become convenient with the ideation process. Co-creation is the way we truly reach learn what is on each of our client's brain. What are they thinking? Just how can they see the campaign visiting life and where? What kind of advertising and marketing do they like? It's all about the journey, sometimes even getting items wrong. There is certainly so much value in getting items wrong, first. Failure is a great teacher. Also just discovering genres of creative design in the expansion stage can be hugely helpful. And...