Safety of Workers in Construction Sites

 Safety of Workers in Construction Sites Essay

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Clashes occur when two or more get-togethers disagree on the particular concern. This paper tends to recognize the task issue in the construction site between your top managing and the labors. The issue resolved here is with concern to safety of workers in construction site. Labor shortage is a challenge confronted by many countries thus thus, making them dependent on international workers. This means management has to take addition care of the other workers and the safety. It is usually seen that that corporation to fulfill their particular bottom line of maximizing revenue tend to endanger on safety of employees at workplace. In this case also it is seen that management experienced neglected the safety of the employees in order to minimize their price (Milton, 2007). This therefore led to loss of life of an American indian worker. This led to frustration among the a large number of South Cookware Workers causing a reach and challenging for better safety features at work environment (Aziz, 2013). This triggered conflict of interest by workplace as the workers demeaned for better work place safety on the other hand; the management was only considering cutting down their cost and complication of task. They are two conflicting duties which usually manager has to manage and satisfy the top rated management plus the labors. In this case it is found that the management failed to match their duty of proper care. Thus the report recommends the management to build Safety Culture in organization and fulfill the duty of care towards the employees.

Conflict with client positions] between the elderly management and the employees The matter for conflict with client positions between managing and staff was because of lack of Company Health & Safety. The employees claimed the company failed to provide them safe operating condition. The real reason for strike was to make the top management conscious of importance of security and its result if neglected. According to Sapangenberg (2009) construction industry face a lot of risk and safety is usually one...