School in its best

 School in its best Article


1 .  Thank you to your mercy above our households

2 . Allow your fire ingest every pole of aggression in our people (Heb doze: 15 3. Exposé just about every evil work hibernating within our families.

5. By your fire, let every source of sickness/tragedy in my family members be destroyed ( Deut 7: 15) 5. Dad remove just about every cause of significant other barrenness inside our families ( Deu 7: 14; songs of Solomon 4: 2 6. Empower our family members for all circular prosperity

six.  Our young men and women of marriageable age, bless them with these people bones with their bones. Do not let them get married to their enemies. 8. Completely close d door the enemy is usually using to enter in our family members 9. Open up your good cherish and bless our people greatly


1 . Thanks to your whim over Nigeria

2 . Dad, destroy every single source of tragedy in Nigeria by your fire 3. Dad, quickly iNtervene in the affairs of Nigeria

4. Dad rescue Nigeria now via her foes

3. Dad, you can be a consuming fire, go just before us and destroy most enemies of Nigeria some. Father set your fear and dread upon all of the enemies of Nigeria your five. Grant our leaders the spirit of wisdom and excellence to govern Nigeria 6. Pour your spirit of contentment on dozens of in authorities. Remove the spirit of avarice and file corruption error 7. father put and end to natural disasters in the country

eight.  Permanently close the door the enemy can be using to destabilize Nigeria. on the lookout for.  disappoint most enemies of Nigeria and the powers backing up them.

Rebirth in the chapel

Cleanse your church of each and every pollution

Amazon kindle your fire of holiness

Strenghten our members

Heart of support, come upon your church

Dump your benefits

Have whim on the church - at all the chapel has missed it. Eliminate gang facing the church - book haram, isis

Unity/love in the church - association/fellowship


- Disillusionment is the condition of being disappointed or disappointed by� �  unfulfilled expectations.

- Proverbs 13: 12 " Wish deferred makes...