College Environment and Some Psycho-Social Determinant of Second School Students' Outcomes in Physics in Ibadan

 School Environment and Some Psycho-Social Determinant of Secondary University Students’ Effects in Physics in Ibadan Essay



Physics plays a pertinent part as a result of it is widespread software in all aspects of life and in the discipline of success, technology, sector and mines. Odunko (2002) is of the opinion that science, technology and research education plays a prominent role inside the developmental efforts of nations around the world. Olatoye (2002) assessed the potential technology output of Nigerian Second Schools, and located that only 10% of the candidates who joined Physics in Senior Supplementary School Examination had appropriate grades which could qualify them to register for virtually any science and technology structured course. Bajah (1999) is likewise of the judgment that the Nigerian society is aware of the importance and tremendous applying scientific expertise, which has Physics as its terminology and it is common knowledge that without science, there is absolutely no technology and without Physics, there is not any science which in turn forms the basis for technologies. So , Physics is seen as the bedrock or foundation of technological advancements. Is it doesn't key to technology and entrance to scientific findings. Because of the key need for Physics, Adeyegbe (2005) deemed it being a single single discipline of great power and elegance, which provides a necessary element in the intellectual and cultural advancement individual. Happenings in the world today are based on the principles, regulations and hypotheses of Physics. Also, Physics is the resource on which living and non-living things perform their duties and responds to the earthly phenomenal. Every single characteristic of living things are produced easy with Physics. The infrastructural services of the world today such as good roads, electrical power, comfortable real estate and great shelter, even the means of flexibility from one form to another derive from Physics. The earth is now a global sphere plus the collections of information are made easy and at the tap of the little finger. Anyakoha (2007) submitted that other disciplines have their supply in Physics. Physics may be the language we all speak and which everybody on planet earth even past, understands. Afolabi (2002). In spite of this understanding of the satisfaction of place of Physics among the list of science subject matter and science courses, it truly is confirmed that students' fascination and final results in Physics have extended to fall in Nigeria (Adeyegbe 2005; Afolabi, 2002; Adesokan, 2002). Despite the dislike and anxiety about Physics, the use of modern science and technology in Nigerian and other nations around the world of the world for the development of an egalitarian and self-reliant culture compel Medical professionals and Physics educators to attach an increasing amount of importance towards the teaching and learning of Physics. Abe (1995) & Okegbile (1996) expressed the lovely view that enrolment in research courses in Nigerian Higher Institutions depends upon what level of the scholars success inside the Senior Second Physics since a credit rating level complete in SSCE in Physics is required to get admission in science and technology programs but it shows up that the subject is delivering problems to all students at all levels particularly in Oyo Express.


Adeyela(2000) and Bajah (1999) were concerned over attaining higher quality and excellence in schools. They stated that there has been an ever-increasing emphasis on variables, both in students and in the social context that are predictive of academic outcome, but in some of the achievement, however it is expected that the environment in which pupils find themselves designs a lot of what they do and lends efficiently or in a negative way to their educational outcome. There is therefore need to study human relationships between the university environment and the students' outcome, especially in Physics. If there is dependence on good students'...