Industry Development and Redd+ Projects in Papua New Guinea.

 Essay about Industry Advancement and Redd Projects in Papua New Guinea.



Industry Advancement and REDD+ projects in Papua New Guinea.

Student: Collethy Jaru (盐水), LSYG20110002. Email: [email protected] com Msc: Physical Geography

Location Department, Faculty of The planet Sciences.

China and tiawan University of Geo sciences.


Introduction: several 1 . Standard Situation: three or more

installment payments on your 1 . Tropical Rainforest in PNG: 3- 4 installment payments on your 2 . Market Development in PNG: 4- 6

2 . Deforestation in PNG: 6 several. 3. Changes in PNG Rainforest: 7- twelve 3. 5. Drivers of Deforestation & their Impact: 11

3. REDD in PNG: 11 4. 5. Launch of REDD: 11- 15 4. 6th. Implementation of REDD+ tasks in PNG:

Conclusion: sixteen References: 17-18.


Rainforest has been my own surroundings as I can remember. Growing in the tropics of Papua New Guinea are my own early thoughts of childhood and that still is a life time experience for me personally. I remember choosing long moves in the jungles with my personal grandfather, who have used to tell me lots of tales about my own people during the past and how they will inter- bring up with the rainforest. The rainforest was their home and now it truly is mine. Today looking back and comparing my childhood memories of the rainforest and today, it is so distinct. The once beautiful and serene quality of the rainforest and its different inhabitants, possess faded to dusty and dirty tracks just because my personal people wanted development and money. In wanting expansion, they have sold it with the beauty from the environment. The environment has been my interest since grade college, thus We took up Physical Geography once in college or university. The impact to the rainforest because of human desires and needs is so disastrous. Therefore this newspaper aims to talk about industry creation and devastation of rainforests; especially warm rainforest in Papua New Guinea, human's impact and REDD & projects integrated to help conserve and maintain it. 1 ) General Situation:

2 . 1 ) Tropical Rainforest in Papua New Guinea (PNG):

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is definitely an island country positioned in the Pacific Ocean. It has a total area of 462 840 km², of which 452 860 km² is land mass and 9 980 km² is water. The coastline is definitely 5 152 km extended. Papua Fresh Guinea is usually largely mountainous, and much of it (65%) is protected with tropical rainforest. (Andrea Babon, August, 2011) Papua Fresh Guinea established fact for its varied environmental fauna and bacteria, (proudly hosting 7. five per cent of the planet's plant diversity, which is 15-20, 000 herb and pet species, 2k are herb species of which usually 400 are commercial timber trees) and marine environments, starting from the highlands towards the coast. Most of these species happen to be endemic to Papua Fresh Guinea. (Eunice Dus, Mar, 2011). Papua New Guinea also has a...

References: Map of Papua New Guinea showing forest cover and main towns (Andrea Babon, August, 2011)

2 . 2

(Department of Planning and Monitoring, 03 2010)

(Department of Planning and Monitoring, March 2010)

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Before working and after working. (John Seedling and Gerrick Martin, 1994)

The following was a study done by researchers from the University of Papua New Guinea as well as the Australian Countrywide University (news. mongabay. com/2008/0602-png. )

(NASA Earth observatory, 9th 06 2008)

The awareness advertising campaign slogans beneath (Greenpeace Sydney Pacific, 2001) were one of the many measures taken to run general public awareness campaign on forest destruction.

(REDD+ TWG, offered by Goodwill Tony Amos, 2009)

Nevertheless , in its twelve months of rendering, REDD encountered challenges due to the fact that Papua Fresh Guinea's 97% of area belongs to traditional land owners (CLO), the primary challenges will be outlined below (Goodwill Tony Amos, 2009 & Eunice Dus, 2011):


According to (Goodwill Tony a2z Amos, 2009), several essential issues need to be addressed pertaining to Papua Fresh Guinea to move forward with REDD+ assignments. This includes governance, MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification) systems and risk holder participation.

(Eunice Dus, 2011) (Goodwill Tony Amos, 2009)

Following REDD's period 1 was successfully applied and response was very good, Pilot Assignments in public recognition were set up in 2010 in all of the of Papua New Guinea's 21 pays

(Eunice Dus, 2011)

(Eunice Dus, 2011)

(Eunice Dus, 2011)