Sentence Patterns

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13 Word Patterns

Style A

A single modifier misplaced for emphasis

Modifier S i9000. V

To put additional emphasis on any modifier put it somewhere other than the normal put in place the sentence. You must have a comma to keep reader coming from misinterpreting the sentence.

Solitary words just before, inside, or below may look like prepositions instead of singular adverb if perhaps comma is usually not used.

Unclear: inside child was noisy.

Crystal clear: inside, your child was noisy.

Incorrect: Francesca liked to occasionally sort in the neighbor's pool.

Appropriate: Occasionally, Francesca liked to wade in the neighbor's pool area.

Incorrect: The professor tried to further illustrate the point of the essay.

Right: The teacher tried to demonstrate further the idea of the dissertation.

Examples Style A: Under, the targeted traffic looked like a necklace of ants.

Style B

Prepositional Phrase Before S-V

Prepositional phrase (, ) H V

• Anywhere a mouse might be

Off, The moment, Under, More than, Through, Between, Behind

A word that shows the relationship between 2 subjective.

Put more than one Phrases at the outset of the sentence in your essay use a comma after a single prepositional term.

For example these sentences will need to have comma.

From then on, time experienced no meaning for him.

In the collection, books are plentiful.

These types of sentences succeed without a comma.

• Until next summer time there will be forget about swimming.

• During the cold months tom proved helpful as a trapper.

Example Pattern B: With slow and stately cadence the honor guard entered the castle argument. Down the discipline the Heisman Trophy success ran.

Design C

A string Without A Association

• To get

• And

• Neither

• Yet

• Or perhaps

• Yet

• Therefore

In between two independent nature. ( Full sentence)

This kind of pattern may be the simplest kind of the series. The items will be separated simply by commas, with no conjunction links the final two items.

Keep in mind:

Omitting this kind of conjunction can be effectively, for this gives the sentence an easy staccato audio.

Example Pattern C:

Considering that the unification of Berlin, walls have come straight down, barriers have broken, and bonds have been completely formed.

Variety of Pattern C:

A or B or perhaps C (in any place of the sentence)

A or N or C (in any place of the sentence)

Description: occasionally you will want to vary patter C instead write a series with conjunctions between most items (usually not more than three). These phrases will have a tumbling tempo.

Example Of Variety of C:

Though Larry has its own handicaps, he's always cheerful and friendly and useful.

Pattern G

A series of well balanced pairs

A and M, C and D, At the and Farreneheit

Explanation: An even number of items. (Four or six or eight)

Bear in mind: Creates a stability rhythm. The rhythm much more important showcased. Hear the balance against each other.

Example Pattern D:

• Antony Cleopatra, Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isoide, Lancelot and Guinevere.

• " Our god is day and night, winter and summer, war and serenity, surfeit and hunger. ”

Pattern At the

Dependent clause in a set or a series.

Explanation: In the beginning or end of a sentence in your essay. It can be natural, relaxed but never pressured.


• Clause right in front must be reliant.

• Must be parallel in structure.

Sort of Pattern Electronic:

• Because it might seem difficult to start with, because it may possibly sound difficult or compelled, because it typically creates long sentences where the thought " gets lost” this design seems forbidding to some creates.

• N – Seeing that he had small imagination and since he viewed even much less talent, he wasn't chosen for the job.

• B –...