Shazam Presentation

 Shazam Display Essay

Precisely what is Shazam?

• Shazam is definitely an application which will records approximately 15 seconds of your song's test trough the microphone (mobile, tablet) and return the song's data (title, musician, album etc)

• Shazam answers for the daily question « What is the brand of this tune? »

• Free iphone app (5 tags/month)

• Available on all mobile phones

(for every major platforms)

Shazam inside the app marketplace

• Others similar software like SoundHound, Midomi

375 million mobile users

2 million new users a week

Over 10 million tags per days

In over 200 countries

Top most-downloaded

software of all time about iTunes


How does that work?

1 ) The application documents the track and provides an impressive time frequency called a spectrogram

2 . By using the data in the spectrogram to create an traditional acoustic fingerprint 3. The acoustic fingerprint is usually sent throughout the internet to become used to search for a match in its database greater than 8 million songs

some. If a match is found, Shazam returns each of the available advice about the song and links to buy the tune, watch this on Youtube, seek out the lyrics etc .

My Shazam: the web version

• Social networking (invite close friends, send message)

• Account based on the tastes in listening to music

• Positive aspects:

 Enjoy to the music

history of your buddies

 Discover new performers


Income sources

• Premium version with the app: around 6€

Endless number of tags, car method, no advertisment, songs


• Commission on each music bought with the app

On 10 recognized songs, you is bought via the application

= three hundred million

• Benefits from advertisments

on the free version

Shazam on TV

The company is definitely investing to build up a new service based on the current app

An software which allows the consumers to tag the TV commercials to find directly the website of the brand

Already in USA

2014: 200 campains for over 140 brands

Actual revolution in digital...