Cultural Darwinism's Impact on History

 Social Darwinism’s Impact on Record Essay

Social Darwinism's Impact on Record

Social Darwinism was a new ideology created in the late 1800s, which was motivated by the suggestions of Charles Darwin about nature. [ (Lockard 2011) ] This supported the revival of imperialism and colonialism. In the end, the idea led to the notion of " your survival of the fittest”, which this phrase was originally coined by Herbert Bradzino. [ (Quest 2000) ]

Social Darwinism had the positive and negative effects on society. In a negative way, it backed colonialism, which is the government of just one society above another contemporary society, and it supported imperialism, which is the control or domination, directly or indirectly, of one condition or people over one other. Therefore , the Social Darwinists believed that if the peoples indigenous to the area were not able to fight military makes, than these were not fit to have; thus, it absolutely was acceptable to take over their particular territory or perhaps enslave them. For example , Interpersonal Darwinists thought that all Asian and African communities were lacking in industrialization and were not up to speed with the american civilizations; therefore , they thought that their own nations around the world were more superior together the right to secret over the " less fit”. [ (Lockard 2011) ]

Social Darwinism also led to the increase of racism. Even though western cultures had respected the Oriental in the preceding 1700s, Europeans and North Americans developed stereotypes such as " John Chinaman” and the " heathen Chinee”. [ (Lockard 2011) ]These types of stereotypes had been accepted by the majority of western societies. They believed which the " fewer fit” societies would gain benefit western civilizations' culture; therefore , they desired to introduce it to the east. For example , the British Cecil Rhodes proclaimed, " I actually contend that people British are definitely the finest race in the world, and the more of the world we inhabit the better it is pertaining to the human competition. ” [ (Lockard 2011) ] Cultural Darwinists believed that simply by introducing all their culture towards the lesser communities that they were...

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