Ronald Queen. Quinto


My interest in this newspaper is the logic of the person in relation to his being being a social person. In this look at, I will go over the concept of a person, their nature and social figure; man's relation with others and the responsibility of a person as he completes his activity of self-becoming.

That man is cultural by nature has long been recognized not merely by Philosophy but also by Science. History displays how guys depend on each other in order to survive and achieve whatever aspect needed for cultural transformation and human advancement. This habbit, however , needs certain tasks to men in the happiness of their prevalent end. It's the goal on this paper to go over those responsibilities and outcomes of his social characteristics.

The Concept of A Person

Etymologically, person comes from the Ancient greek word prosophon, which identifies the face mask used by stage actors. Philosophically, the concept person is conceived as blend body and spirit or perhaps soul. In this sense we may speak of a person as a human nature invisible by the hide of style, but manifested or expected to that. A person, therefore , is usually an individual being human. Man comes into the world into this world as an individual; and we call up him a person and not human nature. A person is an individual existing separately and independently from other, capable of knowing and loving in an intellectual and deciding for him self.

As an embodied subjectivity, man provides that travel to improve and develop him self in the voyage of life. He simply cannot to be remained stagnated to get a person is never a completed product. He has to move to social corporate. He must work out to advance from manhood to personhood. In the view of Phenomenologists, man is more than a rational body soul composite. Guy is a energetic agent or perhaps subject usually actively doing. He undergoes continuous charge. By virtue of this kind of human nature, he can capable of acting according to his nature or...

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