Supply Chain Logistics Tactics Q Paper Jul December 08

 Supply Sequence Logistics Strategies Q Conventional paper Jul December 08

CII Institute of Logistics

Content Graduate Degree or diploma in Source Chain Administration

Semester IV – Project II

Source Chain And Logistics Tactics

Answer your concerns with reason in only 20 phrases

1) " An industry's competitive edge cannot be created or continual solely simply by market orientation” – Avoir.


2) " WTO agreements make sure to provide enormous opportunities in areas of comparison advantage”. True/False

3) The formal structure of the organization shapes how supply string decisions are produced. The tradition, the informal structure and style of the company have no component to play. True/False

4) Exclusive competence means relative brilliance in abilities & methods.


5) Support activities of value cycle are production, marketing, revenue and assistance.


6) Experience contour suggests that raising a company's product-volume and market share provides cost advantages over the competition. True/False

7) Global strategies capabilities need to include simply international vehicles.


8) A multiple division structure constitutes efficient, product and matrix composition and such a structure will be ideal for global operations. True/False

9) On the highest level, performance of your distribution network should be assessed along two dimensions:

(i) Customer demands that are met

(ii) Expense of meeting customer needs


10) Supply chain decision phases might be categorized while design, preparing or detailed depending on the period over which the decisions manufactured in a given period apply.


Section W

Answer any three questions. Answers should certainly indicate conceptual clarity.

1) With the help of a line picture, indicate enterprise connectivity for the typical job life cycle starting with feasibility study and ending with procurement and contracts applying LANs and WANs throughout a company in India. Suppose suitably backlinks have been proven between the business in India and executive set-up in Norway- (as an example) for transfer of sketches and 3-D Models. To sum up draft the project your life cycle – value cycle.

2) a) Briefly discuss the three targets for growing and putting into action performance measurement system.

b) Why is it important that logistics reporting devices reflect energetic rather than static performance?

3) a) The manager with the supermarket wish to decrease the lot size with no increasing the expense he incurs. What actions can this individual take to accomplish that objective?

b) When will be quantity discounts justified within a supply string?

4) a) What differences in the price tag environment may possibly justify the very fact that the fast paced consumer items supply chain in India has a lot more distributors than in the U . s?

b) Which kind of networks is best suited to extremely differentiated items?

Section C

Read the example, analyse it and proceed to answer the questions given below:

Mintendo Video game Girl

It really is late 06, and Sandra, head of operations by Mintendo, and Bill, head of revenue of We all ‘R' Playthings, are planning to get together to talk about production and marketing ideas for the next 6 months. Mintendo may be the manufacturer with the popular Video game Girl handheld electronic game that is marketed exclusively through We ‘R' Toys stores. The second half the year is important to Game Girl's success because a most their revenue occur during the holiday purchasing period.

Sandra is definitely worried about the impact that the future holiday spike in demand will have on her creation line. Costs to subcontract assembly in the Game Women are expected to increase and she gets been aiming to keep costs down considering the fact that her reward depends on the standard of production costs.

Bill can be worried about competing toy shops gaining discuss during the Christmas buying time of year. He features seen many organisations lose their share by simply failing to keep prices in line with...