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Good Morning Idol judges, my theme is gambling and the results that it is wearing families. I selected this idea because when gambling problems are thought of in society the interest is often aimed at the feelings of the bettor but not a lot of attention is placed for the family who also unfairly usually suffer just as much as the gambler himself.

Gambling is the try to gain cash, goods or service with no equal commitment to shared exchange. In this sense, 1 must shed for another to achieve. These are the words of Garth Minott quoted in the gleaner Sunday, October 26, 08. This affirmation holds true towards the old saying gambling is definitely the easiest way to get absolutely nothing out of something. Substantial Ventures Limited is the main game playing company in Jamaica giving games such as Lotto, Money Pot, Lucky 5, Dollaz, Pick three or more and the recently introduced Very Lotto. These types of games happen to be strategically invented to charm to the customer and obviously this really is done when the jackpot reward for parte is currently for 41, 1000, 000 which for superlotto is 341, 000, 000. This is clearly screaming that all this funds can be yours for a small price of $50. 00. Looking from the surface this seems like the best way to gain cash and have a steady income of cash without the need to even break a sweat. The average man would not realize that people who do achieve success from gambling are a small minority.

Monetary Effects

One of the most commonly connected problem with betting is the loss of money. As access to funds becomes even more limited gamblers often use crime to pay financial obligations, maintain appearances and produce more money to gamble. Participation with financial loan sharks is usually common with issue gamblers. This kind of puts the gambler's family members at danger because most loan fishes are often serious in getting again their money by any means possible. Houses, cars and also other valuable belongings are also sold in an attempt to repay debts.

Social Effects

According to the National Thoughts and opinions Research Centre....