Speed of Chemical Reactions -- Prac Record

 Speed of Chemical Reactions - Prac Survey Essay

The speed of reactions – class experiment

By simply Julia Shuker

Year 12 science – Miss Phillips – Term 2 – 2013 – Julia Shuker


The aim of the experiment was to research the elements that elevated or reduced the speed of chemical reactions between two diverse chemical reactions.


If specific factors, such as concentration, temp, catalyst and surface area happen to be increased then the reaction price will also boost due to the particles colliding with each other faster, accelerating the chemical reaction.


• 6 test tubes and rack

• Test pipe holder

• Bunsen burner

• Hydrochloric acid 0. 1M

• Copper sulphate solution zero. 5M

• Bunsen burner


Diagrams of the build for tests: 1, two and 3

Experiment one particular

1 . Serve about 1cm of hydrochloric acid into each test out tube

installment payments on your Drop a bit of zinc in to each of the 1st two check tubes. Decrease the concentration from the hydrochloric acid solution in the second test conduit by adding normal water until it is usually half-full.

three or more. Compare the speeds of the reactants inside the two test tubes and record your observations in the table.

Test 2

1 . Drop a bit of zinc in each of the third and next test tubes. Add water to the two test pontoons until they are half-full.

installment payments on your Light the Bunsen burner and adjust the fire until it is just blue. High temperature the top half the solution inside the fourth check tube nevertheless stop prior to it comes.

3. Assess the rates of speed of the reactions in the third and 4th test pontoons. Record your observations inside the table.

Research 3

1 ) Drop a piece of zinc in each of the last two test pipes. Half-fill the fifth evaluation tube with water and half-fill the sixth check tube with copper sulphate solution.

installment payments on your Compare the speed of the reactions in the last two test pontoons. Record your observations in the table


|Reactants |Zinc and hydrochloric acid |Marble chips and hydrochloric acid solution | |Effect of lowering |There were fewer bubbles, indicating the interest rate had |There were fewer bubbles, indicating the rate experienced | |concentration |started |started | | |Did not dissolve |Did not break down | |Effect of increasing |In the heated tube there are many more gas |In the heated pipe there were a lot more gas bubbles, | |temperature |bubbles, indicating a huge embrace rate |indicating a huge increase in rate | |Effect of adding catalyst |Zn +H2O → ZnO + H2 | | | |The zinc converted black and crumbled | | | |No bubbles | | |Effect of small pieces | |Using run CaCO3 increased the surface location | | | |dramatically and the charge of effect increased | | | |dramatically | | | |Cloudy white-colored coloured | | |...