Way Method and Technique in EFL

 Approach Approach and Technique in EFL Essay

What is a technique for teaching?

In the work Plug C. Richards cites Edward Anthony fantastic definitions to get approach, technique and approach. " An approach is a pair of correlative presumptions dealing with the nature of language educating and learning. An approach is definitely axiomatic. That describes the size of the subject matter to be taught. ” " Is the level at which presumptions and philosophy about dialect and language learning are specific. ” For me an approach is the concepts, principals and theory at the rear of teaching terminology. They are the basic principalities and hypothesis concerning teaching a language. Richards, Jack C., and Theodore S. Rodgers. Approaches and Methods in Language Instructing. Cambridge School Press, 2001. Print. What is a method?

" A method is a general plan for the orderly presentation of dialect material, not any part of which usually contradicts, and all of which is based upon, the selected strategy. An approach can be axiomatic, a technique is procedural. ” " Is the level at which theory is practice and at which will choices are made about the actual skills to be taught. ” In my personal understanding a technique is actually educating based on the approach. Is the procedure plus the steps a teacher are required to follow to teach the language. Richards, Plug C., and Theodore T. Rodgers. Techniques and Methods in Vocabulary Teaching. Cambridge University Press, 2001. Produce.

What is a strategy?

" A technique is implementational- that which truly takes place within a classroom. This can be a particular technique, stratagem, or perhaps contrivance utilized to accomplish and immediate objective. ” " technique is the exact level at which classroom procedures will be described. ” A technique is far more like a style that is produced by teachers dependant on experience frequently integrating different methods. Richards, Jack C., and Theodore S. Rodgers. Approaches and Methods in Language Instructing. Cambridge College or university Press, 2001. Print.