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Alex Censullo


Period 5 AP Lighted

31 January 2013

A Modest Pitch: The Idolization of Characters and Conformity

It has come to my own attention that those who look for the arduous prospect of change, in the quest for the progress of humanity, have stopped looking around them. These kinds of wrongful people seem to be owned by the idea that they can certainly be their particular person, that they do not need a hero to look up to. World itself remains the patient to these tragic, degrading circumstances. As a result, those rightfully conforming to the culture around them will be being belittled and judged for their conformity among the world.

We can all verify the fact that some people are merely perfect. These types of truly exemplary individuals are the prime examples of some justification of excellence, respect, and size. They do practically nothing wrong, have no harmful thoughts, subscribe to zero demeaning triggers. Perfection in human form. Yet a large number of have overlooked about the value of these heroes as they make an attempt to become their particular person driven by an outrageous impression that you can believe that what you wish to believe. Very damn crazy if you request me.

Over a personal level, my characters, above everything else, have pressed me towards my desired goals, my goals. My parents haven’t shaped me personally in any way i can truly be thankful for. My buddies have always attempted to deter myself from becoming who I had been destined to get. But my own heroes will always be there personally. My characters have never and will never let me down like the regular members of society usually managed to perform.

We have to not believe what they are sharing with us in school. That individuality is necessary, that revolutionary thought can prosper in the world. You may ask, how could progress arise if we only rely on the heroes intended for guidance? Conformity is improvement. The world is falling apart due to audacity of the individual. At Support Si High school graduation, of the 20 hundred pupils that walk the admission each day, half of...