Swot Research

 Swot Examination Essay

SWOT evaluation:


1 ) We offer great quality.   We've gone to great lengths at Social boost to get people with a passion for creating and sharing their particular Internet encounters. Our personnel is both equally knowledgeable and eager to you should.

installment payments on your Best services and after sales services even as we are qualified and always on the web 24 hours a day 7 times a week. �

3. We provide innovative and trusted applications which has been thoroughly tested. �

4. Clear vision with the market want. We know absolutely free themes, we know the technology hence we can deliver those two together and in the best cost Greek customers need. �


1 . We individual an office but our main communication method is over the internet (skype, e-mail, facebook). This is a possible weakness in Greece because a wide range of businessmen like to do their group meetings " face-to-face". We can face to that challenge supplying " face-to-face" meetings too to businessmen in Thessaloniki where we could stationed.

2 . Several of our organization partners aren't in Thessaloniki which forces us to complete meetings online, this may at times result in a wait either in communication or even production.


1 )  The finest opportunity is the fact that portugal is a clean, new marketplace where the regarding the internet remains expanding.

2 . 1 opportunity for us is that there may be little competition in the world of facebook or myspace marketing in Greece and the already existing opposition does not present with the same quality, rates, services along with sales solutions as we perform.


1 . The greatest threat� is the current economic crysis Greece is definitely facing. Day-to-day lots of firms close and a lot of those eventually left are not carrying out particularely very well. Alongside the truth that Portugal is a fresh internet marketplace which meens middle-aged businessmen are relactunt to spend in facebook advertising.