TCS THIS WIZ Dissertation

AAT—Average Access Period


AAA—Authentication Authorization, Accounting

AABB—Axis Lined up Bounding Container

AAC—Advanced Audio Coding

AAL—ATM Adaptation Part

AALC—ATM Adaptation Layer Interconnection

AARP—AppleTalk Addresses Resolution Protocol

ABCL—Actor-Based Concurrent Language

ABI—Application Binary User interface

ABM—Asynchronous Balanced Mode

ABR—Area Border Router

ABR—Auto Baud-Rate detection

ABR—Available Bitrate

ABR—Average Bitrate

AC—Acoustic Coupler

AC—Alternating Current

ACD—Automatic Call Distributor

ACE—Advanced Calculating Environment

ACID—Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability


ACK—Amsterdam Compiler Kit

ACL—Access Control List

ACL—Active Current Loop

ACM—Association for Computer Machinery

ALUA—Asymmetric Logic Device Access

ACME—Automated Classification of Medical Choices

ACP—Airline Control Program

ACPI—Advanced Configuration and Power Software

ACR—Allowed Cellular Rate

ACR—Attenuation to Crosstalk Ratio

AD—Active Directory

AD—Administrative Domain

ADC—Analog-to-Digital Converter

ADC—Apple Display Connector

ADB—Apple Computer's desktop Bus

ADCCP—Advanced Data Marketing communications Control Techniques

ADO—ActiveX Info Objects

ADSL—Asymmetric Digital Prospect Line

ADT—Abstract Data Type

AE—Adaptive Frequency

AES—Advanced Encryption Standard

AF—Anisotropic Filtering

AFP—Apple Filing Protocol

AGP—Accelerated Design Port

AH—Active Hub

AI—Artificial Intelligence

AIX—Advanced Interactive exec

Ajax—Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

AL—Active Website link

AL—Access List

ALAC—Apple Lossless Audio Codec

ALGOL—Algorithmic Vocabulary

ALSA—Advanced Apache Sound Structures

ALU—Arithmetic and Logical Device

AM—Active Matrix

AM—Access Approach

AM—Active Screen

AM—Allied Mastercomputer

AM—Amplitude Modulation

AMD—Advanced Micro Devices

AMQP—Advanced Message Queuing Protocol

AMR—Audio Modem Riser

ANN—Artificial Neural Network

ANSI—American National Standards Institute

ANT—Another Neat Application

AoE—ATA over Ethernet

AOP—Aspect-Oriented Programming

APCI—Application-Layer Protocol Control Information

API—Application Programming Interface

APIC—Advanced Programmable Interrupt Control mechanism

APIPA—Automatic Personal IP Responding to

APL—A Encoding Language

APR—Apache Portable Runtime

ARC—Adaptive Replacement Cache

ARC—Advanced RISC Calculating

ARIN—American Computer registry for Net Numbers

ARM—Advanced RISC Devices

AROS—AROS Analysis Operating System

ARP—Address Resolution Protocol

ARPA—Address and Routing Parameter Area

ARPA—Advanced Research Projects Agency

ARPANET—Advanced Studies Agency Network

AS—Access Hardware

ASCII—American Normal Code for Information Interchange

ASG—Abstract Semantic Graph

ASIC—Application-Specific Included Circuit

ASIMO—Advanced Step in Progressive Mobility

ASLR—Address Space Layout Randomization

ASM—Algorithmic State Machine

ASMP—Asymmetric Multiprocessing

ASN. 1—Abstract Syntax Notation 1

ASP—Active Server Pages

ASP—Application Company

ASR—Asynchronous Sign Routine

AST—Abstract Syntax Woods

ASSP—Application-Specific Standard Product

AT—Advanced Technology

AT—Access Time

AT—Active Terminator

ATA—Advanced Technology Attachment

ATAG—Authoring Instrument Accessibility Suggestions

ATAPI—Advanced Technology Attachment Box Interface

ATM—Asynchronous Transfer Setting

AVC—Advanced Video Coding

AVI—Audio Video Interleaved

AWK—Aho Weinberger Kernighan

AWT—Abstract Window Toolkit



BAL—Basic Set up Language

BAM—Block Availability Map

Bash—Bourne-again layer

BASIC—Beginner's Multi-purpose Symbolic Instructions Code

BBP—Baseband Processor

BBS—Bulletin Board Program

BCD—Binary Coded Decimal

BCNF—Boyce–Codd normal contact form

BEEP—Blocks Extensible Exchange Process

BER—Bit Error Rate

BFD—Bidirectional Forwarding Recognition

BFD—Binary Data file Descriptor

BFS—Breadth-First Search

BFT—Byzantine Fault Understanding

BGP—Border Gateway Protocol