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Guidance on the countrywide occupational requirements for assisting teaching and learning in schools

Countrywide occupational criteria for helping teaching and learning in schools: device titles and the elements

The national occupational standards for supporting educating and learning in schools (STL NOS) can be found on the national databases of national occupational requirements ( or downloaded from your TDA site at Unit title


STL1 Provide support for

learning activities

1 . 1 Support the tutor in organizing learning


1 . a couple of Support the delivery of learning activities

1 . several Support the teacher inside the evaluation of

learning actions

STL2 Support children's

advancement (CCLD 203)

2 . 1 Contribute to assisting children's physical

development and skills

2 . 2 Contribute to supporting kids

emotional and social expansion

2 . a few Contribute to promoting children's

interaction and mental


installment payments on your 4 Contribute to planning to meet up with children's

expansion needs

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support presented to the instructor and learners to ensure powerful teaching and learning. This involves tallying with the tutor the individual's role in supporting planned learning actions, providing the agreed support and supplying feedback towards the teacher about how exactly well the activity went. The training activities can be for individual learners, groups of students or the entire class. Nevertheless the contribution to supporting the learning activities may involve doing work only with individuals or small groups. The learning actions may be shipped in the classroom or any setting wherever teaching and learning happens such as discipline studies, educational visits, expanded hours provision and research support plans.

routine remark of children and young householder's development in everyday job. It is a proficiency that requires understanding and comprehension of children and young peoples' development coming from 0 to 16 years and the capability to demonstrate skills with the children/young people the consumer is dealing with. It includes observing children/young people, showing observational conclusions, contributing to the implementation of activities to back up development and contributing to intending to meet kids and youthful people's needs.

Guidance on the national occupational standards intended for supporting instructing and learning in colleges

Unit title

STL3 Keep children

safe (CCLD202)

STL4 Contribute to great

relationships (CCLD 201)

STL5 Provide effective

support to your colleagues

STL6 Support literacy and

numeracy activities


3. one particular Prepare and keep a safe environment

3. two Deal with accidents, emergencies and


a few. 3 Support the protecting of children by


a few. 4 Motivate children's confident behaviour

four. 1 Interact with and respond to children

some. 2 Interact with and reply to adults

4. 3 Contact children

four. 4 Speak with adults

five. 1 Maintain working relationships with


5. two Develop your efficiency in a support


6. 1 Support pupils with activities to formulate

literacy expertise

6. two Support pupils with activities to develop

numeracy skills

STL8 Use information and

conversation technology

to compliment pupils' learning

7. one particular Prepare ICT resources for use in teaching

and learning

7. 2 Support the use of ICT resources for

teaching and learning

8. you Prepare for using ICT to aid pupils'


8. a couple of Support pupils' learning through ICT

STL9 Observe and report

in pupil efficiency

9. you Observe student performance

9. 2 Statement on scholar performance

STL7 Support the utilization of

information and

communication technology

for instructing and learning

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keeping children and young people secure during day-to-day work...