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" LUV U" is the tale of 3 young girls Camille (Miles), Whitney (Kiray) and April (Angeli), who merely transferred to Lamberto Uy Villarama University, or Luv U to finish High school graduation there, in which they will also encounter about the highs and lows of young like.

It all started when they caught the attention of JB (Marco), Boom (CJ) and Rocky (Igiboy) on the very first day in Luv U. And in spite of the strict caution of their grandmother Lola Paula (Joy), Camille and her cousins continue to pursue the road to young romance. With all the current courtships and attempts on the first kiss, the 6 teen pupils will learn an extremely valuable lesson in life—that you cannot acquire all straight A's in love.

Highlighted in " Luv U" are the gifted former Bulilits who are actually tweeners just like Miles Ocampo, Angeli Gonzales, Kiray Celis, CJ Navato and Igi Boy A. The program as well introduces fresh heartthrob Ambito Gumabao.

As well jazzing in the stellar solid of " Luv U" are seasoned comedians Happiness Viado and Smokey Manaloto, together with scorching hot babe Bangs Garcia. 5. http://www.abs-cbn.com/Weekends/article/10831/luvu/Luv-U.aspx

The consequences of Teenage Interactions

ByВ HeatherRheinheimer

Distinct relationships influence teenagers in a variety of ways. Good friends impact teens almost a simlar amount as their parents. Teenagers go to their friends for support or to ask questions that they could not ask their very own parents about. Most of the time their particular friends give them good advice but there is the problem when they place pressure on their friends to perform something like to smoke, drink, and do prescription drugs. In most cases they tell their particular friends how to dress and work when about certain persons. Love relationships just make this even more difficult for a teenager to obtain a good education. Some learn to fail at school because they are getting together with their man or girl instead of doing their operate. Throughout teenage years, teenagers will be positively and negatively influenced by several...