The American Character

 The American Character Article

 Planning to define " the American character" is similar to trying to describe water. The American continues to be shaped by simply years of battle, mistakes, migrant experience, and national traditions.  As America grows more diverse, the question of what it means to be an American yields a progressively more complicated response. How do Americans really see themselves today, and how will the world observe Americans? Can we have a culture that may be based on well accepted American values, or is our culture now a battleground among competing and opposing ideologies and subcultures? To what level is " mass media” America the actual America?  And although it appears difficult to define the American, many even now try to investigate what it means to become American. The question of American id is to some extent a question of character. In many instances an American can be defined as greedy, old fashioned and fearful.          In a number of occasions, an American has been referred to as greedy. The American is known for being electrical power hungry and materialistic. Merely look at the good the past. And albeit, the American figure is a great all-out difficult definition, sometimes it is as transparent as whatever. Since the beginning of time, People in america have always wished to be the best at anything at all. Americans need power, celebrity and money. Whatever they must do to flourish and flourish abundantly, they will carry out. In having power, an American will be ruthless, because they feel they should. It is what society shows over time. They help keep their beliefs in Our god, but occasionally (Americans) reduce that hope when the praying of hardship don't happen. Even though it is known it should certainly not be done, the idea just gets too hard. In example, there are plenty of literary operate proving this, like " The life you save may be your own" by Flannery O'Conner. The whole level if the character's journey should be to find his meaning for life, yet when he finds it this individual rejects the chance for a car. In the history this gentleman, Shiftlet, truly does whatever it takes...