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dua puluh enam November 2013

The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers is an American comedy described by John Landis and was released in 1980. The film follows convict John and his brother Elwood Doldrums, who carry on " a mission coming from God” to save the Catholic orphanage that they grew up in from turning down. By doing this, they reunite their strap and organize a efficiency to make $5, 1000 to pay off the owed duty while becoming chased by a deranged ex lover, Illinoisan Nazis', the Good Ole Boys', a western/country strap, and the law enforcement. The movie superstars John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, and features musical numbers by doldrums singers James Brown, Taxi Calloway, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, and John Shelter Hooker.

The film displayed comedy best practices starting with timing. Through the car chases throughout the film, it seemed as if the police always made it in the wrong time usually result in a large number of totaled police officer cars. For example , in the field after The Doldrums Brothers first gig, the guys are becoming chased by the Good Ole Boys' and once the police try to get in the way; there cop car as well as the Good Ole Boys' truck are both totally destroyed following crashing into each other, also in the landscape where John and Elwood are getting chased by hundreds' of cops with the craziest car chases in film background, all the vehicles end up in severe damage enabling the Blues Brothers to escape. Another finest practice shown throughout the film includes discussion. This film is jam-packed with 1 liners which include " they're not gonna catch all of us, we're on the mission via God” through which Jake says when Elwood has doubts if they will make it away from the cops and " cars got a lot of pickup” which usually reflects and somewhat foreshadows the amount of moments, there car was able to crash into various other car, generate huge jumps, flips, however still taking care of to stay in one particular piece right up until they received arrested with the very end of the motion picture.

A quote I actually enjoyed and located significant within the films wit was at the point of the film when Mike and Elwood go looking for their...