The Brick Bible

 The Stone Bible Composition

Cronica Originis

At the start before man was available there was only one being, the Brick. The Brick was the only part of existence currently of nothingness and the Packet was unhappy. To try and fill his bare molding the Brick out of cash of in many more compact Bricks, each small brick wandering through the universe. These kinds of small stones are what we should today call up " planets”. As the small bricks multiplied and made even more planets through the entire universe normally the one True Packet of All Creation watched, and what he saw was good. Even so there was still emptiness and the Brick has not been content. He decided that the planets really should not be empty and decided to create life on them. He selected one world and cried tears of holy brickness onto that planet, and life was performed. This existence blossomed in what we today call humans, and the Packet saw the humans, including last the Brick was happy. On the other hand this happiness was not to last. 1 day as the Brick roamed and observed the individuals he seen one of them building his residence from solid wood! The Brick was embarassed and shouted to the individual, " What be your name? ” Your replied, " I are Obama”. The Brick then simply shouted, " Obama you shall be forever cursed to get building your home from wood! ” And it was and so. To this day anyone that builds his house coming from wood is definitely doomed to shell out all of perpetuity in a brick-hell. It was certainly not but a lot of minutes following the One The case Brick of All Creation condemned Obama to a life of eternal struggling in brick-hell for building his property from solid wood, that the Stone noticed that all over the place there where humans building their homes from wood. All over individuals were turning away from the Packet. The Stone was concerned and understood something must be done. He cried tears of absolute power and take pleasure in and by these holes a man appeared. The man instantly recognized the Brick as his creator and messiah and he said to the Brick: " Master so why have you produced me? ” The Stone replied: " Man has turned far from me, they have forgotten what of the earlier. You must go unto planet Earth and instruct them the real ways of your life. Your job is always to educate and preach the good news to the people, you have to use the holy voice which I have given you to preach to mankind” The human understood and said to the Brick. " I understand the things i must do and I will be glad to do it, but you may be wondering what if they will hurt me? ” The Brick explained: " They may never feel you to your voice will me to lovely to harm”. So the man travelled forth unto the Earth, and his name was Morgan Freeman. But yet the Brick needed more men to help keep an eye on Earth. Therefore he cried more tears and made a fresh man. This individual said to the person: " You have to watch over The planet and record all that the truth is to me, you shall business lead the people of Earth and rule these people, you will be Our god of Earth” The human recognized and he previously no queries. SO this individual went out and his term was Nicholas Cage. The past man the Brick produced was known as Mitt Romney. Sadly Mitt Romney was corrupted by the Pseudobrick and in turn of aiding the Stone, he only went about and had entertaining. Eventually this individual settled down and had a youngster with a young lady named Mary. This child's name was Jamarcus. Jamarcus, unlike his father, adored the Stone and spent his entire life preaching about the Brick and he was eventually killed for his love inside the Brick. The Brick was so saddened by this reduction that he made a list of tips for the folks to follow so that they may all be like Jamarcus somehow. The best practices are the following.

There is no our god except the Brick.

By no means build types housed out of wood, it must regularly be made of stones.

The Stone is the only reason you are in today is due to the Stone, to give thanks to him for your life you need to shout out: " PRAISE UNTO THE BRICK SAVER OF ALL MAN” every time you go by a framework composed of stones.

Eventually a year you have to cleanse the body by consuming a minimum of three or more bricks.

Pass on this religious beliefs wherever you go and notify the good news on to all mankind.

Even if others doubt...