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Київ 2014

The Da Vinci Code simply by Dan Darkish

The Ag Vinci Code is a book written by American author Kemudian Brown and first published in Great Britain in 2003 by Bentam Press and has changed into a worldwide bestseller with over nine million copies offered. The storyline of this publication concerns the attempts of Dr . Robert Langdon, Mentor of Religious Symbology at Harvard School, to solve the murder of Jacques Saunière, the curator of the Louvre Museum in Paris, following Saunière's body had been identified inside the Louvre naked with a cryptic concept written on his torso in the own bloodstream and presented like Leonardo da Vinci's famous drawing, Vitruvian Man. With some help from a French police cryptographer, Sophie Neveau, who feels that he is being mistakenly accused, this individual manages to escape and jointly they attempt a search for find the true killer. That quest causes clues, puzzles and riddles that link to your site to an historic society tasked with guarding the truth about Jesus Christ and uncover the greatest magic formula in American civilization. The plot carries on in ways that combine the detective thriller and conspiracy theory makes with Saunière's murder getting attibuted to powerful causes that desire to preserve old secrets associated with Jesus he was married to Mary Magdalene and previously being the father of their child. � The presentation of concealed messages inside Da Vinci's famous functions, including the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, number prominently inside the solution to the mystery. The answer itself is deemed intimately associated with the possible location of the Ultimate goal and to a mysterious contemporary society called the Priory of Sion, as well as to the Knights Templar. The Catholic corporation Opus Dei also figures prominently in the plot. It transpires that Saunière was in fact the secret head with the Priory of Sion - an business that was devoted to preserving certain secrets about the place of the Holy Grail. The cryptic messages in the body staying his personal dying tries to keep an important message to his grand-daughter, Sophie Neveu, who had been employed by the French state as being a cryptologist. � According to the story, the secrets of the Holy Grail, as held by the Priory of Sion, are as follows: The Holy Grail is not just a physical chalice, but a female, namely Jane Magdalene, who helped to carry the bloodline of Christ into the next ages. Martha Magdalene was of hoheitsvoll descent (through the Legislation House of Benjamin) and was the wife of Jesus, of the House of David. That your woman was a prostitute was a slander invented by Catholic Chapel to imprecise their true relationship. During the time of the Crucifixion, she was pregnant. Following the Crucifixion, your woman fled to Gaul, in which she was sheltered by the Jews of Marseilles. She gave beginning to a girl, named Debbie. The bloodline of Jesus and Mary Magdalene started to be the Merovingian dynasty of France. The French expression for the Holy Grail,  San gréal, actually is a play on Sang réal, which literally means " royal blood". The Grail relics contain the paperwork that testify to the bloodline, as well as the real bones of Mary Magdalene. Sophie Neveu and her brother will be descendants in the original bloodline of Jesus and Martha Magdalene (their last name was changed to hide their ancestry). The existence of the bloodline was your secret that was included in the documents found out by the Crusaders after they conquered...