The Goldmacher

 The Goldmacher Essay

The Alchemist was authored by Paul Coelho, and there have been many topics embedded within its textual content. The two primary themes that stand out over the novel are forces of nature and emotions. More specifically, the main motif is just how nature and also human emotions plays crucial roles during Santiago's voyage. Some of the presented emotions are fear, desire, desire, and love. Also, some of the causes of mother nature involved will be the sun, wind, the wasteland, and The almighty. During Santiago's journey to look for his personal Legend, most of these things work together in order to aid him in the important voyage.

One feelings affecting Santiago on his voyage is fear. Quoting the novel, literary critic Anna Hassapi brings about " anxiety about failure seems to be the greatest hurdle to joy. As the old crystal-seller unfortunately confesses: " I was afraid that great disappointment awaits myself, and so I want to dream". ” This passage illustrates the effect that dread can have got on your journey. When it comes to reaching achievement on a quest or pursuit, there is either success or failure. In the novel, Coelho brings out the fact that fear of failure can be very good in some, causing them to give up and just " prefer to dream” (Coelho). In the journey, Santiago learns to embrace his fears, and he does not allow them to prevent him coming from reaching his goals. This is certainly a key lessons for him to learn. Since Coelho him self mentions in the novel, " We are scared of losing that which we have, be it our lifestyle or each of our possessions and property”. This goes along with the fear that Santiago would have if someone would have been to come along and take his sheep aside. This frequent fear must be overcome by Santiago in the event that he is ever before going to full his quest.

Another sentiment affecting Santiago on his pursuit is appreciate. Love especially comes into play with Santiago's emotions towards Fatima. At one point, Santiago even views marrying her and living his lifestyle out with her within the beach, however the alchemist suggests him this would...