The Role of in-Film Advertising and marketing in Promoting the Sales of the Brand

 The Position of in-Film Advertising to promote the Product sales of a Company Essay




Movie theater gives a highly effective environment by which to advertise. The film staying shown almost identifies the prospective audience and makes it quite simple to plan and buy promoting spots to complement brand message to potential consumers. In addition, the audience is totally captive in addition to a open frame of mind as they wait to become entertained. A well organized multimedia plan based closely about the films being shown could be a highly effective way of communicating manufacturer messages to a willing viewers. In-film advertising is very much very much alive.

Hence we certainly have formulated the subsequent hypothesis:

‘In-film advertising can be useful for promoting the sales of the brands. '


The first approach used was obviously a Quantitative Research Survey. The sample size was 90 people older between 16-45 years. The locations selected for the survey had been Andheri, Malad, Bandra, Dadar, Matunga

The 2nd method employed was a Qualitative Research Method, wherein, we segregated the folks if their reactions indicated that In-film marketing didn't influence their choices of buying brands. The queries asked were in order to identify the reason behind this attitude.


Our studies clearly show a very high percentage of the achievement of In-film Advertising. Yet also, many people also replied by saying that In-film marketing was a trick and they weren't affected by that.


On such basis as these results, we can securely conclude our Hypothesis has become proved proper, i. electronic. ‘In-film advertising and marketing helps in endorsing the product sales of the brands. '


Product positions in motion pictures help a whole lot, as long as they may be woven in to the story intricately and are not only a random appearance in a track sequence. In-film advertising is akin to gambling. If the film becomes a superhit, the brand is definitely saved. However if the film flops, the brand takes a large dent. A single bad location can carry out more damage than twelve good positionings. Artistic integrity is crucial pertaining to successful company placements and the utility from the product must be woven effectively into the script. The placement could be a natural fit and shouldn't be unnatural. The ultimate way to deliver the communication is to get the customer off-guard, when all their rational defenses are straight down. The best way to do this is to use the emotional door rather than the rational gate. The rational gate scrutinises the huge benefits, benefits, features and tries value for money; the emotional gate is all about trust, love, identity and belief and in India, the motion pictures operate at the emotional level of an individual.

In-film advertising greatly depends on the popularity of particular movies, the actors starring in them and the credibility. The strategy of placing several selected brands in motion pictures, gives these people an additional promoting push, however the stars showcasing them may not be directly promoting these brands.

The participants of the survey that we done, mentioned the brand should have a certain personality in the film, combined with particular attributes and really should not just certainly be a stagnant prop. In the video Corporate, by Madhur Bhandarkar, the costumes were visibly financed by Allen Solly, thus giving the brand specific leverage and creates positive brand consciousness among the market. In-film branding may be another paying substitute of marketing. After the brand gets noticed throughout the films it gets a status quo on its own. In-film promoting is a somewhat economical medium of marketing, compared to various other costlier mediums. Brands possess realised that movies are an easy way to reach out to the audience which can be captive for a few hours. Brand managers today realise a movie discovers traction throughout different programs apart from theatre theatres, just like DTH, entertainment channels in the news and house video. Therefore the brand continue to be gain exposure even after having a movie can be released in the...