Thermodynamics Lab

 Thermodynamics Research laboratory Essay

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March 17

Thermodynamics lab

I. The objective of this research is to maintain a certain amount of drinking water as sizzling as possible pertaining to as long as possible. We all also get to use whatever components we want given that our system is or is definitely smaller than 20cm. II. Pertaining to my task I employed Styrofoam, tinfoil, insulation, silicon, and a cork. We used foam as a package to put the can in and the Styrofoam also acts as a thermal efficiency. I applied the tin foil because it serves as a great insulator and keeps the radiant temperature inside the box. Next I actually used padding, which will what thier name is, it keeps no matter what inside of it protected or prevents convection. I actually used silicone to block from the holes from the Styrofoam to make a good container for the warmth to stay in. finally I used a natural on the top of my can to achieve the smallest pit for the warmth to escape it. III. For this experiment I used Styrofoam, tinfoil, efficiency, silicone, and a natural. I also need a thermometer to measure the enhancements made on temperature from the water during the try things out. IV. Initially I cut out Styrofoam for the appropriate measures and made sure it was not over the twenty cm limit. I then covered the Styrofoam with tin foil and sealed off each of the cracks on the inside with silicone. After that I put padding on the whole inside of the box with enough room that will put the can easily in inside. I finally added a cork topping the can to make the smallest opening in order that the heat acquired little place to escape to conclude my task. Time| Temp (CВ°)

zero minutes|

20 minutes|

Sixth is v. Data

VI. 1 . I think the most crucial type of the 3 types of energy transfer that we had to reduce was convection because...