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I currently have a student financial loan from year 1994 that I haven’t had to begin repaying ?nternet site do not reach the earnings tolerance. This year I possess deferred again and have received a notice from the Pupils Loan company confirming my deferment. At the same time I've received a letter by Thesis Repairing who have absorbed the repairing of these accounts, saying that they cannot have a present-day direct debit instruction set up for me and that despite my personal deferment I have to set a single up which " inability to supply a valid direct debit may result in unnecessary debts being placed on your account". I do not want to set a single up as I actually do not want an individual having access to my account while i am not obliged to get started on repayments as I do not desire them " accidentally" starting repayments. Am I legally obliged to provide my personal bank account information and can that they charge me if I decline? Has anybody else received the same notification?

I would value any guidance on this subject.

Through the terms and conditions of any student loan of that period.


But if they've agreed the deferment currently it sounds a lttle bit odd.

Call the Students Lender who confirmed the deferment. Explain can be happened and have them to verify if TS are anything to do with them. In the event that so ask them to explain if your deferment still stands. They are. Two of mine have been completely transferred to them.

I queried it with the SLC instantly and they affirmed the transfer/sale. Since i have heard of several others precisely the same.

It is legit.

If you don't provide a DD mandate then you will be breaking the the agreement, deferment or not really.

I suspect that gives these people the right to end the deferment, but not sure.: confused:

If perhaps they take repayments during a deferment then they can be breaching the agreement and you could take action against all of them. So why not supply the details? I possess received a similar letter requiring direct charge details in relation to 3 loans that I...