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 Snack in Research Newspaper


The value of establishing this snack in amidst the commercial idea of the municipality of Bobon Northern Samar is very on time as it is in parallel to the increasing number of population in the area. Through this fast-paced globe where people are too occupied to prepare their particular snacks and foods they have a tendency to count to immediate where anything is very readily available anytime in their will certainly. This further eliminates time hustle. Project Description

This project is a snack food in that will probably be established within the commercial link of the town. The business situs will be situated on Baranggay Salvacion, Bobon, D. Samar. Analyze Objectives

Listed below are the targets of this research:

* To supply different types of treats at affordable price to the buyers. * To improve income within the course of the organization.

Scope and Limitation

Essentially, the business can be described as merchandise type of business. This means that its primary product is good of various types in linewith food market. The business is limited to offering services. Human population

The business will be catering the advantages of different types of treat to the house of the municipality. The municipality of Bobon, N. Samar is composed of more 20, 000 residence, which more one third of their population lives on the city proper unevenly scattered in its four (4) baranggays situated around the poblacion. Area

The business situs will be located on the Talipapa Web page, Brgy. Salvacion Bobon, D. Samar. The location is considered to be the commercial hub of the town where several types of small-cottage sectors keep on mushrooming. Therefore , turning into the central area of economical activities with the town. Work force and Energy

The business end up being hiring Four employees that will assist the everyday operation of the business. These types of four will probably be evenly divided for a period of time and night shifts. The business will be operating in 24/7 plan. Management Element

Type of Organization Organization

The company will be a only proprietorship organization. The possession and the risks of the business will be primarily palm away by the only owner exclusively. Furthermore, the master will serve as th company manager and the main decision-maker on each of the affairs concerning the business day to day activities. Organizational Framework

Owner/ d?ner


Salesman # 1

Salesman # 2

Owner/ manager- the task of the owner in the business is not just limited to his ownership in the commercial. He further more assumes the responsibility as the over-all d?ner of the business entity. The key decision-maker of all of the affairs should it be external or perhaps internal. Decisions for further enlargement will be presumed by him. Salesman #1- will be giving all the sales affairs in the business upon its everyday operations. Jeweler #2- can serve as an auxiliary to the business procedure. But his main task is to serve the cashier of the business. Bookkeeper- the main work in the bookkeeper is usually to record in book all the transactions with the business. Put together the literature and the month-to-month, quarterly and year-end financial statements that are essential in determining the profitability of the business on it is course. Advertising Aspect

Marketplace Description

The business will probably be situated along Talipapa site, Brgy. Salvacion Bobon, And. Samar. The location is considered to be the commercial area of the town. Several commercial institution is situated in this place. Require Situation

It can be observed the fact that growth and flow from the demand out and about for a snack food house is impossible to avoid increasing. This is often attributed to the town's raising population. While the number of people keeps upon increasing the need for different means for human survival is usually increasing too. Likewise, this project since it main goods are in accordance with food market. Supply Scenario

The business is located in the area where raw materials for their products can become readily available...