Product 1 - Teachers and Learners

 Unit one particular - Instructors and Students Essay


Task one particular – List 5 attributes that a ‘good' teacher must have and give causes of your choices. Which usually of these features do you consider to be essential, and so why?

1 . A great teacher should really love instructing.

A good teacher should be determined in his career.

2 . A fantastic teacher is able to motivate scholars.

Pupils need to learn my own own (not only inside the classroom).

three or more. A good tutor has a great knowledge of his/her subject.

The teacher needs to know his subject in order to teach it

some. A good instructor should be able to require all college students equally over the lesson. It is important to treat most students with respect.

your five. A good teacher should know learners weaknesses and try to give support and person attention in which necessary. It is important to help the students as much as you are able to.

I think all the above details are important. College students (and classes) are different so its essential to be versatile as a teacher.

Task two – State what you consider to be the five most important tasks of a teacher. Describe each role and say so why you think it is necessary.

1 . A fantastic teacher needs to be a Administrator or Controller.

To be in impose of the class is important.

2 . A great teacher has to be able to organize the students.

It is necessary to be able to coordinate the students.

3. A good instructor has to be capable to act as an Assessor.

To have the students feedback and correction as well as assessing and grading.

4. An excellent teacher should be a Marketer when needed.

To be able to encourage the students is important.

five. A good educator has to be friendly and confident in Class.

To make a good environment in the classroom is important.

Process 3 – List 5 qualities you will expect to find within a ‘good' spanish student. Which of those qualities do you really consider to become more important, and why?

A willingness to hear the language.

Students should try his best relating to listening comprehension....