Unit two M3 Business Resources

 Essay upon Unit 2 M3 Organization Resources

Interpret the contents of any trading and profit and loss bank account and balance sheet for a chosen company explaining how accounting ratios can be used to monitor the financial efficiency of the enterprise. Introduction

In order to support Ania compare her success through financial methods just like ratio evaluation she has was able to obtain a lot of data by her competition which is called " Polish Dishes Imports”. They are a direct competition to Enhance Fine Foods because they are also low cost business adding foods, drinks and other goods from Poland and advertising them to little retailers. The financial info that Ania collected can be as follows: Polish Fine Foods

Gloss Cuisine Imports



Solvency Proportions

Current Percentage

1 . seventy

1 . 50

0. twenty

Acid Test

1 . 20

1 . 10

zero. 10

Earnings Ratios

Gross Profit Perimeter

31. 6%

26. 6%


Net Profit Perimeter


almost eight. 1%

1 ) 9%

Go back on Capital Employed

seventy two. 5%

fifty nine. 5%


Performance Percentages

Stock Turnover

31 days and nights

42 times

11 times

Debtors Collection Period

forty-five days

49 days

four days

Property Turnover




In the desk above, We have also included the column while using difference between ratios of Polish Fine Foods and Enhance Cuisine Imports in order to make that easier to evaluate them. In order for Ania to be able to monitor her financial performance using ratio analysis, the lady needs to be familiar with ratios she gets produced in a context. The context possibly needs to be regarding ratio examination conducted previously and accumulated over a period of time and this usually requires years; or perhaps it can be done when compared with a direct competitor of Ania. So , from this assignment I'm going to analyse Ania's ratios using data through the table which are the ratios to get Polish Food Imports. Solvency Ratio Research

Current ratio is the first solvency ratio that I'm going to work with. The current percentage measures a company's current assets against its current liabilities. The latest ratio...