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c Republicans. These were people that were firmly opposed to the United States Constitution. That they wanted a solid state government rather than strong central government. To them in case the central authorities was as well strong then it would threaten the people's liberties and right to lifestyle, liberty and the pursuit of joy.

The anti-Federalists were made up of anyone that was poor and not a large landowner, anyone tired of getting controlled, anyone that wanted the people's votes to immediately count and anyone who planned to protect their particular rights. The anti-Federalists were created up of many different types of men and women, while the Federalists were largely upper class. The anti-Federalists displayed the United States human population as a whole a lot better than the Federalists.

When it came to the way the federal government was work the anti-Federalists wanted the complete opposite in the Federalists. The anti-Federalists needed their electric power in the legislature, mainly the low house where every express has one vote. They wanted the terms of office to get shorter, with limits how many terms you could provide. These officials were not being elected simply by representatives although directly by people of the United States.

The only way the anti-Federalists would at any time even consider helping to ratify the Metabolic rate was if it contained a Bill of Rights, which they believed was " essential for preserving the individual liberties" (www.consitutioncenter.org) of the people. Devoid of this record the government may control everyone like a tyranny. To these people the Cosmetic without the Costs of Legal rights was just a weapon in the upper class up against the poor.

The figurehead in the anti-Federalists was Thomas Jefferson who after became Guru. The funny thing about Jefferson was for a long time he'd not choose sides between Federalists as well as the anti-Federalists, he was totally against political get-togethers. He was to get a strong central government, that has been more of a Federalist's...