Volley Ball

 Volley Ball Essay

Volley Ball

Volley ball techniques No . 1 .

Dig/Forearm Pass: In the game of volleyball, the action of searching describes a pass of a hard-driven ball from the additional team. Basically, digging is definitely the act of stopping the ball via hitting your side of the court after the opposing crew has either spiked or perhaps served this to your group. Keywords intended for correct technique No . one particular


• Be " ready" with arms for 90 levels from your body.

• Flex at the stomach - shoulder blades forward -- hips back.

• Keep 90 degree position between biceps and triceps and chest muscles. • Legs should also end up being bent.


• Ball should certainly come off the same spot on lower over arms (just above the wrists) every time. • The ball must be contacted in hip level as often as is feasible. HIPS AND ONE

• Keep sides BACK during pass.

• If you need to swing action your forearms, the biceps and triceps should golf swing in only 1 direction (toward target) although passing.


• Make sure that your forearms confront in the way you want the ball to go. • Start out facing the machine, and always confront the ball when you move. SHUFFLE STEPS

• Move to the ball without crossing your toes.

• Try to get to the area before the ball does.

Volleyball Technique No . 2


Set: The Setter is the central player; it puts the ball out to the attacker (spiker). It is usually the second get in touch with that a staff makes with the ball. Costly overhead complete used to replace the direction in the dig and puts the ball surrounding this time in such a way that it can be driven by an strike (spike) in to the opponent's courtroom.

• Help to make a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers touching the other person at the ideas • Place your triangle right previously mentioned your temple

• Now distinct your forefingers and thumb by an inch or maybe more and cup your hands inside the shape of the ball • When the ball is passed, move the feet quickly to get your forehead directly underneath the ball in the event that...