Waverly Jong -- Joy Good luck Club Figure Analysis

 Essay on Waverly Jong - Joy Luck Golf club Character Research

Analyzing Waverly (Meimei) Jong

Waverly came to be on March 17th, 51, which consequently, makes her a Bunny in the Chinese language zodiac. Waverly corresponds with this sign in many ways. She has a great storage, is very useful in her chess playing and often escapes reality to cope with problems in her personal life.

When Waverly was being unfaithful years old, the lady left your house devoid of her chess playing brothers. Your woman arrived at the park with her chess board ready to play. Upon arriving she met Lau Po, a mature man who helped form her in to the great mentally stimulating games player she would become. He taught her many tricks such as The Twice Attack in the East and West Shores and The Immediate Meeting of the Clan which in turn she would imprint into the back of her mind leading her to a national championship.

When ever Waverly was just commencing her journey into chess tournaments, she had constantly faced critique from her mom who have proclaimed your woman should be more efficient, " Succeed more, reduce less”, she would say. Waverly, in an attempt never to disappoint her mother do what the girl was informed. Efficient was how the girl played after that on out.

Once Waverly takes on chess, goes to sleep at night, or maybe fights with her mother, she has a habit of exiting actuality. When the girl plays she's imagining a war flaming between two clans, 18 soldiers on each side. When ever she naps she imagines chess. Once she works off from her mother in fear of her anger, the lady can only feel as if a raging army is definitely storming nearer and closer preparing to overtake her whilst she floats up above the skies… and imagines her next push.