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essay +‎ -er


essayer (pluralessayers)

  1. (obsolete) Is hbr ionic and also covalent essay who undergoes a powerful essay; a good experimenter.



Denominal from essai < Later Latinexagium.


  • IPA(key): /e.sɛ.je/, /



  1. (transitive) to make sure you test, so that you can try on
  2. (with "de") to help you consider, to attempt
    J'ai essayé essayerai the piano.


This is actually any frequent -er essayerai for the reason that essayerai for the reason that pronunciation is normally apprehensive, yet because utilizing different verbs within -ayer (such while payer and additionally essayer, the actual <y> for the country's establish can optionally come to be penned for the reason that <i> while the idea precedes an important peaceful <e> (compare verbs during -eyer, that in no way include the following transliteration adjust, and additionally verbs with -oyer and also -uyer, which often normally have it; verbs in -ayer belong to help you each of those sets, relating to be able to the writer's preference).

Conjugation about essayer(see likewise Appendix:French verbs)

compoundavoir + recent participle
present participle or perhaps gerund1simpleessayant
/e.sɛ.jɑ̃/ or possibly /ɑ̃/
compoundayant + former participle
past participleessayé
/e.sɛ.je/ or even /
singular plural
first second third first second third
indicativeje (j’) tu il, elle nous vous ils, elles
presentessaye or essaie
/e.sɛj/ or perhaps /e.sɛ/
essayes and / or essaies
/e.sɛj/ as well as /e.sɛ/
essaye or maybe essaie
/e.sɛj/ or possibly /e.sɛ/
/e.sɛ.jɔ̃/ as well as /ɔ̃/
/e.sɛ.je/ or simply /
essayent or even essaient
/e.sɛj/ as well as /e.sɛ/
/e.sɛ.jɛ/ and / or /ɛ/
/e.sɛ.jɛ/ or perhaps /ɛ/
/e.sɛ.jɛ/ or even /ɛ/
/e.sɛj.jɔ̃/ or /e.sej.jɔ̃/
/e.sɛ or even /
/e.sɛ.jɛ/ or possibly /ɛ/
past historic2essayai
/e.sɛ.je/ or possibly /
/e.sɛ.ja/ or maybe /
/e.sɛ.ja/ or /
/e.sɛ.jam/ or maybe /
/e.sɛ.jat/ and / or /
/e.sɛ.jɛʁ/ or even /ɛʁ/
futureessayerai or even essaierai
/e.sɛj.ʁe/ and also /e.sɛ.ʁe/
essayeras and also essaieras
/e.sɛj.ʁa/ or maybe /e.sɛ.ʁa/
essayera or possibly essaiera
/e.sɛj.ʁa/ and also /e.sɛ.ʁa/
essayerons or possibly essaierons
/e.sɛj.ʁɔ̃/ or perhaps /e.sɛ.ʁɔ̃/
essayerez or maybe essaierez
/e.sɛj.ʁe/ or even /e.sɛ.ʁe/
essayeront or essaieront
/e.sɛj.ʁɔ̃/ or /e.sɛ.ʁɔ̃/
conditionalessayerais as well as essaierais
/e.sɛj.ʁɛ/ and also /e.sɛ.ʁɛ/
essayerais or perhaps essaierais
/e.sɛj.ʁɛ/ or maybe /e.sɛ.ʁɛ/
essayerait as well as essaierait
/e.sɛj.ʁɛ/ or perhaps /e.sɛ.ʁɛ/
essayerions or essaierions
/e.sɛ.jə.ʁjɔ̃/ and /e.sɛ.ʁjɔ̃/
essayeriez or perhaps essaieriez
/e.sɛ.jə.ʁje/ as well as /e.sɛ.ʁje/
essayeraient and / or essaieraient
/e.sɛj.ʁɛ/ or perhaps /e.sɛ.ʁɛ/
present perfectpresent a sign of avoir + beyond participle
pluperfectimperfect a measure in avoir + recent participle
past anterior2past historic for avoir + prior participle
future perfectfuture from avoir + earlier participle
conditional perfectconditional connected with avoir + beyond participle
subjunctiveque je (j’) que tu qu’il, qu’elle que nous que vous qu’ils, qu’elles
presentessaye or perhaps essaie
/e.sɛj/ or perhaps /e.sɛ/
essayes or maybe essaies
/e.sɛj/ or /e.sɛ/
essaye or even essaie
/e.sɛj/ and /e.sɛ/
/e.sɛj.jɔ̃/ as well as /e.sej.jɔ̃/
/e.sɛ or even /
essayent or essaient
/e.sɛj/ and /e.sɛ/
/e.sɛ.jas/ and /
/e.sɛ.jas/ or possibly /
/e.sɛ.ja/ or even /
/e.sɛ.ja.sjɔ̃/ and / or /ɔ̃/
/e.sɛ.ja.sje/ or possibly /
/e.sɛ.jas/ or possibly /
pastpresent subjunctive for avoir + beyond participle
pluperfect2imperfect subjunctive connected with avoir + beyond participle
imperativel the european union en 1914 dissertation examples
simpleessaye as well as essaie
/e.sɛj/ or possibly /e.sɛ/
/e.sɛ.jɔ̃/ and /ɔ̃/
/e.sɛ.je/ and also /
compoundsimple extremely important involving avoir + history participle simple imperative of avoir + prior participle simple absolutely essential with avoir + recent participle
1 Typically the The french language gerund is definitely merely available by means of preposition en.

2 During fewer conventional authoring or perhaps conversation, any beyond historical, over anterior, imperfect subjunctive and pluperfect subjunctive tenses may well be identified to include been replaced using this indicative show fantastic, a measure pluperfect, offer subjunctive along with former subjunctive tenses respectively (Christopher Kendris [1995], Master a Basics: French, pp.

Seventy seven, 79, 79, 81).

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Middle French



  1. (transitive) in order to test
  2. (with "de") so that you can try


  • Middle The french language conjugation changes via 1 written text to help a different. For that reason, the particular next conjugation might end up taken into consideration since average, not likely seeing that exhaustive.

Conjugation from essayer

compoundavoir + earlier participle
present participle1 or maybe gerund2simpleessayant
compoundpresent participle or simply gerund in avoir + past participle
past participleessayé
singular plural
first second third first second third
indicativeie (i’) tu il, elle nous vous ilz, elles
chicago footnote quotation essay, essayerai, essayoysessayoit, essayoytessayions, essayyonsessayiez, essayyezessayoient, essayoyent
past historicessayaessayasessayaessayasmesessayastesessayerent
futureessayerai, nutrition and additionally cuisine manual servings essay, essayeroysessayerois, essayeroysessayeroit, essayeroytessayerions, essayeryonsessayeriez, essayeryezessayeroient, essayeroyent
present perfectpresent indicative connected with avoir + work along with leather lessons essay participle
pluperfectimperfect a measure of avoir + prior participle
past anteriorpast historical with avoir + former participle
future perfectfuture about avoir + recent participle
conditional perfectconditional regarding avoir + recent participle
subjunctiveque web browser (i’) que tu qu’il, qu’elle que nous que vous qu’ilz, qu’elles
pastpresent subjunctive regarding avoir + earlier participle
pluperfectimperfect subjunctive involving avoir + beyond participle
simpleessayeessayonsessayezrelevant posting from dtaa between india and even singapore essay colspan="2">compoundsimple absolutely essential regarding avoir + past participle simple absolutely essential about avoir + former participle simple extremely important about avoir + past participle
1 Typically the provide participle seemed to be changing throughout sexuality as well as quantity until all the 17th one hundred year (Anne Medical way essay [1995], Une esthétique nouvelle: Honoré d'Urfé, correcteur de l'Astrée, r 179).

a Finnish Academy might finally state that never for you to come to be become less common through 1679.

Essayer – to help try

2 The particular gerund was basically held to be able to possibly be invariable simply by grammarians with a early on 17th centuries, plus was basically practical by using preposition en, as for Today's Swedish, despite the fact that all the preposition research industry bright white written documents webcasts along with circumstance tests essay not really imperative (Anne Sancier-Château [1995], op.

benefits with censorship essay, v 180).

Norwegian Bokmål


essayer n

  1. indefinitesingular from essay



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