How Far Really does General Haig Deserve being Known as ‘the Butcher of the Somme'?

 How Far Truly does General Haig Deserve to get Known as the Butcher with the Somme’? Analysis Paper

What lengths does Standard Haig ought to have to be referred to as ‘The Grocer Of The Somme'?

By the fight of the Somme in 1916 the conflict had been within a huge stalemate for 1 . 5 years that failed to look like it was going to be broken sooner. Trenches have been dug within the Western front all they way in the coast at Ostend to the Alps. Right before the offensive at the Somme, Verdun was under a hefty attack from German forces forcing french to pull all of their troops back to Verdun. General Haig was asked to ease pressure from the French simply by French commanders. Therefore there were no choice but a great offensive somewhere on the American Front by British military. I believe Standard Haig do deserve to get named Butchers of the Somme for several causes. Firstly because of the number of casualties, secondly as a result of his naivety not to change his tactics and lastly as a result of poor preparing by Haig,

On one hand there are several explanations why I believe he deserved to get called ‘The Butcher In the Somme'. Firstly throughout the entire battle that just lasted five months, there are over a million casualties in all, around six-hundred, 000 of those were English soldiers, this included 57, 000 for the first time that was your 1st of July 1916, for example 548 of the Sheffield Pals died on the initial day, this can be shown in source twenty-seven of Bill Walsh's publication. This was the very best number of casualties ever registered in English history within a battle. It had been believed that Haig did not care for his soldiers and in his brain if there was more A language like german casualties than British casualties they would succeed the conflict in the end, this can be shown in the source booklet where that says ‘Haig was since stubborn being a donkey and since unthinking as being a donkey', this shows that he didn't attention what happened as long as he accomplished success whether or not he sacrificed his complete army to win. Lastly throughout the challenge Haig transformed very few of his strategies even though it was clear his tactic of sending dunes of military over the top had not been...