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Some Writing Tips

History tips, Western Civilization since 1648

John Abbott, Instructor

Your response documents are, since the key phrase suggests, individual affairs. What I want, first and foremost, is your own personal response to the readings, and also to the queries I've asked in the associating guidelines. In evaluating the papers, first and foremost we consider their content material: how you address the thoughts and arguments presented by these documents, as well as the quality of ideas you express.

That said, please to understand papers exercises in formal writing. Which means you need to comply with the principles and rules of yankee English grammar and punctuational. Yes, we all will hold the feet to the fire about these issues.

A couple of tips stick to, addressing problems that arose inside the first set of paperwork:

1) Keep your tenses straight. Few trials in every area of your life are so painful as doing work through a paragraph in which tenses shift, such as a wayward eyesight, from show past and back again. If you are writing about the past, stay in earlier tense. The exception to the comes when you find yourself interpreting famous texts (as you will do in these papers); in this case it is perfectly fine, indeed desirable, to write in the present. Imagine it this way: use present tense when dealing with text message, past tight when coping with historical context. For example: " In this passage, Thucydides argues that background is not simply the testimonies people inform. His strategy contrasted sharply with that of Herodotus, who in his accounts of the Persian Wars mainly collected and retold reports already in circulation. ”

2) Avoid needless capitalization. High-flying concepts, such as State, Faith, or Monarchy, need not – should not! – be made a fortune. They did that sort of thing back in the seventeenth century, but nowadays we all use reduce case for just about everything save proper nouns and titles. Incidentally, " Bible” should be made a fortune, as it is it of a job; " God” is also capitalized the moment used in...