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" Virtual Group meetings: Smart Management”

1 . Please read the case study that starts on the next web page.

2 . Solution all five questions listed below.

Executive Synopsis (DRAFT)

The purpose of this case examine is to offer an objective look at to the viability of implementing Virtual group meetings or video conferencing within an organisation. This kind of study will certainly analyse involved 1 whether or not in the future, organization travel between companies and external organisations will be required or can this turn into an out-dated form for business collaborations. The comparison of telepresence over online video conferencing is likewise discussed showcased 2, whilst there are indeed benefits applying telepresence, the cost of establishing this kind of communication may be prohibitive for many organisations. This report looks at in Question 3 the actual worth that is supplied to an company that adopts video conferencing as a sort of business communications and if it is established as being intelligent management. � This statement in question 4 will examine what factors should be considered in determining if the small business is suitable for implementing online video conferencing like a channel to support their organization decisions and planning. Preparation for a net conference is definitely discussed in Question 5, setting out the steps which have been required and technologies being used when commencing an internet conference, taking into account the differences between web conferencing and face-to-face meetings. (WORD COUNT 201)


Electronic Meetings: Smart Management.

When looking at Virtual Meetings: Smart Supervision we are not only looking at the technologies applied but as well the benefits they offer. The way the internet has developed has turned things like videoconferencing, and its extension, telepresence, a far cheaper, easier and a more accessible way to do business. This kind of report appears primarily in reduced business travel and its associated costs, the environmental benefits, the differences in videoconferencing and telepresence, just how these systems add benefit to a organization, if they are required at all with a business and exactly how they are changing the way all of us prepare for business conferences. It will also consist of any suggestions that become apparent from the research. (WORD COUNT 115)

1 . One particular consulting organization has expected that online video and Net conferencing can make business travelling extinct. Do you agree? Why or obtain? (Marissa)

We expect that online video and internet conferencing is a much more practical option for businesses in today's era and will in deed supersede business travel and leisure. Businesses which have been finding that they are spending a tremendous amount on unnecessary travelling will soon bring the video/ web conferencing option to spend less.

Case Study, Digital Meetings: Clever Management claims that " Videoconferencing has become growing in an annual charge of 30 percent”. This kind of confirms that videoconferencing is usually on the boost therefore we can only imagine business travel must be lowering and will at some point be non-existent.

Video/ world wide web conferencing is becoming easily accessible for the majority of businesses around the globe and is much more convenient than organising travel arrangements and hotel to attend these important gatherings. There is significantly less risk of not being able to attend a meeting due to flight delays or cancellations and if a meeting continues to be cancelled with the last minute you will have no bills due to airline flight or accommodation cancellation charges.

There are a variety of video webinar products available in the market as well as internet based programs creating this option readily accessible to businesses. Videoconferencing numerous be a significant expense incurred at the start require costs means a large keeping on travelling expenses that will either always be reduced or any longer can be found. Most web based conferencing products are free so this would mean not any initial out lay. These kinds of free applications are not always of the best quality but are an excellent option to try out if video/ web...